Has anyone here had a bag denied at customs???

  1. Because the one I just bought WAS and I have no idea why and won't know until the broker calls me back in the morning.

    If this has happened to you could you tell me how it panned out?
  2. What!?!?! crazy! how can they deny an authentic?
  3. Oh my gosh...that's awful! it must be a mistake...hopefully you can sweet talk him in the morning...I don't know about customs, but if it really is denied maybee she can adjust whatever got it denied and resend it...sorry you're going through this!
  4. It's not an exotic leather, right? That's one common reason. But if it's just a "regular" Balenciaga, then I can't think why it would be denied... how strange!
  5. Hey Winona -- I just emailed you but I bet it is just something with the paperwork. I didn't put this in the email but I would ask the seller what she valued/insured it for so you two are on the same page before you call the broker.

    Call/email me tomorrow and let me know what happens.
  6. Mo/Varsh - Thanks for the support ;) I'm hoping it doesn't have to go back. That happened to the last bag I got from Cali. Remember? She didn't complete my address. It took a month. Ugh.

    LP- I KNOW! It's just a regular Balenciaga, so odd.

    Chi- I know she marked it as a gift, so I've Pm'ed her that I'm going to say we are friends, obviously...but you are right I'll ask her!!

    Thanks, and I'll let you know when I do ;)
  7. winona, hang in there! there is a full moon.:nuts: ...hopefully, it will get resolved in am.:flowers:
  8. HA! Oh yeah, the last Full Moon my daughter smashed her face and we were in the hospital all night.
    I'll take this as this months punishment over that anytime.
  9. win, i hope your little sophisticated cutie-pie is doing ok now.:love: send her love from teddy bear PF girl.
  10. damn customs sucks a$$! but i really hope your daughter's ok now? weird things DO seem to happen when it's a full moon.
  11. ^ bahahaa.
  12. Winona, who is the carrier? If its Fedex sometimes they call to get additional information from you if there is duty to pay on the bag. I have only had ONE thing seized by customs in my life and when that happened, I received a letter in the mail.
  13. I hope this isn't too much off topic, but I just picked up a bbag from the German customs this morning... guess I just need a way to share my anger at them (and didnt want to start a new thread just for that)... because within two weeks I bought two B bags on Ebay and both got something at the customs:

    The first one I had to pick up at the local post office and pay like $20, the seller wrote on the custom form that value was $100 and that it was a gift and they just charge a random fee for any gift over 45 euros! (I find that an obvious incitation to lie on the custom forms cause honestly 45 euros is not a lot) . I found that infuriating that on top of the big bucks I paid for the bag I had to pay extra, and also I've bought lots of designer stuff on Ebay before and this never ever happened when I got things shipped to France. (Ì'm from Paris, I've just moved to Berlin for a year), But this was nice compared to the second one:

    The second one I got this morning (posted on aug 22, usually it doesnt take more than a week for parcels to arrive from the US and I got more worried everyday that went by) (remember the one I posted like weeks ago as an unknown Balenciaga beautyhttp://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/whos-this-balenciaga-beauty-41121.html) and the seller was a real pro, on the custom forms she said it was a $55 dollar worth gift and did not include any invoice inside (otherwise I might have paid more than 50 euros extra). Well they made me go to the custom office literally in the middle of nowhere just so I could tell them that it was a bag (even if they knew that already from the contents description)and open the parcel in front of them!! nothing more, no money to pay or anything cause $55 is less than 45 euros! I was so angry (also relieved that I got my baby at last thank God), I mean don't they have like useful stuff to do??? these guys are paid by the state to annoy people who receive leather handbags??? (It's not like it was lined with drugs or something):cursing:
    ok I should probably calm down and be grateful, but this is just a waste of time!
    anyway, if there are here people living in germany (Tanja maybe?), who could explain that to me and how to avoid it , I'd be happy!:confused1:
    so:back2topic: , Winona, I totally understand what you're going through, I really hope this will turn out ok and that you won't have to pay extra to get your new b bag. Let us know how things turn out! I think it's a good thing that we share those experiences, it may help prevent that happening to other PFers (well I hope)
  14. hehe that's so similar to what happened to me today!:yes:
    I've been waiting for a MJ bag to arrive from US and yesterday I got a letter from the customs/airport in which they were asking me to go there and pick the bag. They said that I should bring the receipt (:wtf: it was declared as a gift) and that I should go there (at the airport, which is out of Athens, about an hour and a half distance) at 9.30-12.30 in the morning on weekdays only. How I was I supposed to do that?:confused1: :confused1: I'm working!!!
    Anyway, I wasn't really worried because their demand sounded really silly so I called them today and said that of course I don't have a recipt because it's a gift. After questioning me they decided that it was a mistake and that they'll send it to me. They also asked me what the bag was made of and I said leather.
    They then told me that I should go there and take the bag to the chemical laboratory there so that it can be proved that it's made of leather. WTF??? Of course I said that there is no way that I could do that and luckily they said OK, they'll send it to me!
    Am I the only one who thinks that it's completely insane?? Go there and give my bag to be chemically tested????:hysteric:
    I've done 50+ international transactions and I've never had a problem before so I guess it's just a matter of bad luck!:shrugs:
    winona please don't worry, just call them and I'm sure that everything will be fine! There is absolutely no reason why they should hold it at customs. Good luck!!!!:flowers:
  15. I don't get it either?! test the leather,:confused1: thank god they didnt come up with that cause I was already starting to loose my nerve. I find that completely weird, maybe some people smuggle :banned: illegal stuff in designer bags???me no understand:shrugs: