Has anyone here ever posted a personal ad on Craigslist?

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  1. And if so, how did that go? (I'm talking about the personal ads there).

    And what's up with "Missed Encounters?" All those people in "Missed Encounters" are posting about how they saw a hot woman at the grocery store or a hot guy in the pickup driving next to them in PCH but were afraid to approach that person etc and are now posting on Craigslist at the off-chance that the person in question will actually see that post and respond to them. It's all very entertaining to read...
  2. furniture yes!

    i ran an advertisement for an rental condo on craigslist (great place for that) and a very attractive woman sent me a nude photo of herself (she had a penis) :huh:

    personal ad....i think there are alot of crazies.

    be careful
  3. i've never posted, and would never post a personal ad, but when i have a slow day at work, i also love reading through the missed connections and personal ads. it's very entertaining, and some of them can be very sweet:love: then again, some of them can be VERY scary:yucky:
  4. OMG, this is so amusing because I was surfing it for the first time today. Out of curiosity, I went through "casual encounters," and I have to say there are some very freaky/weird people out there!
  5. :roflmfao:

    I guess if you are looking for a booty call, that's the place to go since they only post body parts. I don't think anyone on there is looking for marriage.

    And yes, please be careful. There was some story in the news recently about a a girl getting murdered when she answered an ad for a nanny job. :s
  6. :roflmfao:

    That killed me.
  7. I agree...please be careful if you choose to meet people from Craigslist. A 19 year old college student from Orange County has been missing since June, when she was last seen with someone she met off that website.
  8. I've never posted. I think things like Craigslist are great for apartments and furniture and stuff, but NEVER to meet people! Scary...

    The erotic services section and missed encounters crack me up, though.
  9. haha, I've got to check Craigslist now! I never knew all of these things existed on there :smile: I've only ever used Craigs List to sell our old piano!
  10. EEK!

    While browsing the "casual encounters" section for some laughs, I came across a picture of a hideous penis. :shocked:
  11. If you want to post a personal ad, I would suggest you go find a dating site. Just for a laugh, my friend and I posted a fake ad. You would not believe the crazies who responded.
  12. ^^^LOL just one???

    What is funnier or rather sad, is that the women looking for men, post their face pics and I think they are really looking to meet someone special.

  13. :wtf: LOLOLOLO Oh my, scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    Umm I don't think I would advocate posting a personal on CL. Just MY opinion.
  14. Do NOT browse the casual encounters when you're at work...trust me.
  15. Eesh, no way. My friend bought a 1975 Chevy Cheyenne for $800 (great for hauling crap around and not messing up your primary vehicle). Ummm, I would not use craigslist for personal ads.

    That does remind me of a great rag we have in the Seattle area (The Stranger). The "alternative/seeking 'other'" personals in there are um, pretty funny to read through over brunch, LOL.