Has anyone here ever planned a fundraiser for an individual?

  1. Any websites or tips? My son, 4, has autism and we are going to raise money to pay for some of his adapted equipment and ABA therapy. We are planning on doing a golf tournament/scramble fundraiser for him in the spring. Our financial planner & her crew are taking care of all the financial and legal stuff; however, I don't even know where to begin! I'd like this to happen next spring (april or may). TIA for ANY help!

  2. Starting now is a good idea. It takes time to plan something like this. I've never done it, but my friends had a benefit for me when I had cancer a few years ago. It was amazing! That helped me pay for a lot of medical bills, my wig, and other expenses that came up while I was undergoing treatment.

    A golf scramble sounds like fun. Get the word out now. The earlier you start, the better your turn out will be. Start sending flyers, invites, and then reminders as the day gets closer. Good luck and I hope you raise a lot of money to help you out!
  3. Well, I unfortunately don't have any advise, but, I would like to wish you all the best. Everyday we hear nothing but negative stories and about all the bad in the world and I am a firm believer that there is far more good. People really step up when you least expect it. Good Luck!!
  4. You should send letters to professional sports teams (your favorite or those in your area) and ask if they can donate an item for a silent auction, if you are having one the day of the golf tournament. They have someone in charge of community activities and they usually send an autograph item or anything you have specified (tickets, etc). Area businesses may donate items too (gift baskets, gift certificates, etc.)

    You can also ask a local celebrity (news anchor, etc.) if they can join or spread the word about the fundraiser.
  5. I am on the PTA as well as two different charity organization boards. Chinese and/or silent auctions always work well. Dances, like a Sadie Hawkins dance also can work. If you PM me, I can go into detail about planning and so forth....
  6. I do many events(fashion shows,silent auctions...ETC...thru the hospital and my daughters schools)..Please feel free to PM me....I have over 10 yrs experience doin it and Id be happy to share it with you.I remember my first fundraiser and HOW I WISH I had someone to help me too!!!!!