Has anyone here ever bought a Spy of Ebay!??!

  1. Hello!!

    I really want a spy, But of course I am looking for a deal.

    I know ebay as alot of fakes so I was just wondering if anyone has bought one of ebay, Did you have a good experiance???

    was it a killer deal???

    Thanks EVERYONE!!

    Nice to meet you all!!
  2. also, DO spy's come in different sizes ?????( i know there is the baby bowler and etc but I am asking specifically the orginal spy shape one)
  3. Hello and welcome :smile: - yes the original spy came in two different sizes, the medium and large.

    The medium is the size most people have and is the only size currently in production.

    The large was made in the first season only, I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and was massive. Not really a handbag, more travel/hand luggae.

    There are some good deals on Ebay for the spy. I don't think you'd be able to get an authetic spy for less than $1200.

    Post a link to an auction you're interested in the "authenticate this" thread and you'll be sure to get responses. Good luck.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Estile gave you some great advice!
  5. Does anyone on here have the large one???

    is there any ways of telling a fake spy??

    I know LV,hermes and chanel have a few rules regarding determining authenticity of an item, Does Fendi?
  6. Welcome Infinity! I have a large spy (you can check it out at my collection :yes: ) and yes there are a lot of ways of telling a fake spy! You can always post the link to the auction you're interested in and we can always help you to authenticate them :flowers: