Has anyone here ever been on a reality show?

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  1. It's funny because there have been so many reality shows and I don't think I have ever known anyone who has been on one. Someone here had to have been...tell us about it!!
  2. What a great idea for a thread! I'm completely curious

  3. LOL, if some members were on a reality show, I am sure we would all know about it. ;)
    Not necessarily implying all reality TV show guests/contestants are attention whores...who am I kidding...we would ALL know, they would mention it in their sigline.

    "*insert name* from Real World Denver!!!! Watch reruns every Tuesday at 11pm!. Here's my myspace page and website too."
  4. Uhh the closest I've come is my husband knowing a guy who knew a couple from the biggest loser once.
  5. Closest I come.... I went to college with Eric - from the Gauntlet recently....
  6. Hmm closest I've come is pretty far lol. My old roommate knows the sister of a guy who was on Season 1 of A Shot At Love (it was the guy who was giving Tila a massage then completely tried to feel her up.)
  7. Come on, there have to be some girls from the bachelor??!
  8. my nephew was called by The Bachelor but he said no because he is extremely shy and could not put himself out there.

    That's the only one I know.
  9. Another no- although a friend did try out for "beauty and the geek" and put me down as reference. I guess he wasn't geeky enough :smile:
  10. My friend auditioned to be on the Real World. He didn't get it.
    I was surprised, he definitely fits the personality
  11. The reason that I started the thread is that my friend saw a girl from a reality show at Starbucks today and it got me thinking...I wonder if reality show people are treated like celebrities at all when they are out. I saw Ace from the Real World Paris on a plane one time and it was so funny because I totally watched that season and felt like I was seeing George Clooney or something. :P
  12. I've never been on a reality show, but I did get to meet one of the stars of Survivor -- Joel from season one. LOL, my best friend from college got it on with him, actually...

    Joel comes from a little farm town just outside of Green Bay, WI where I grew up. One summer just after college, my best friend came up to visit me and we went out to the bars in downtown GB...

    We were having drinks and playing pool when we noticed these two HOT guys in the corner checking us out. After a few stares and smiles, they came over to us. It was Joel, the blonde, and his tall, dark, super sexy brunette friend Mark... Joel was in town visiting family and had gone out with Mark, his friend from HS that night...

    To make a long story short, we partied with them all night... Joel and my best friend hit it off, and Mark and I hit it off... In fact, my best friend ended up hooking up with Joel that night! (Mark and I, on the other hand, simply exchanged phone numbers... I wasn't feelin' the bar-ho vibe that night...)

    Of course, Joel went back to his life in California and never talked to my best friend again... but Mark and I ended up dating for about a year, before he got transferred to Minnesota for his job... Every so often, we'd be watching TV together and see ads for Survivor come on, some of them featuring clips of Joel, and just laugh over his so-called celebrity friend. :rolleyes:
  13. I never have. I am 31, so reality TV wasn't a big thing yet when I was around 21 and might have considered it. Thank god because I would be very embarrassed now, no offence to anyone who may have done a reality show. I watch them though, lol.
  14. I was asked to be on Wife Swap...declined immediately.
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao:What this place really needs is a "you totally nailed it!" icon.