Has anyone here brought their pets for Alternative Therapy/?

  1. I'm just curious because a few clinics are opening in my area that are specifically for animals.

    They offer all type of alternative therapy...

    has anyone had an experiance with their pets getting acupuncture??reflexology? etc...
  2. I've heard of dogs having these kinds of things but I've never done it for our dogs. I have also read a really good article on dog massage...it was awhile ago but it was very impressive and made a lot of sense. If it helps people (which I still doubt, but who knows) then why couldn't it help dogs. :smile:
  3. We had a Border Collie who had a chronic, incurable bladder condition called interstitial cystitis. Our regular vet tried countless medications, and not one led to any improvement. When they tested her urine, the white blood cell count was dangerously high. I decided to try the holistic vet.

    The holistic vet gave her accupuncture, a new diet and herbal supplements. We eventually stopped the acupuncture, as I don't think it was helping with her condition. The diet and herbs did though--when her urine was tested, there were very few white blood cells--a serious improvement!

    We were able to have almost two more years with our beloved dog as a result of the holistic therapy, and I would most certainly try it again if any of our other dogs have health problems!

    Do you have a pet who isn't well?