Has anyone here been scammed buying gift cards on eBay?

  1. I was reading forums online by those who have been scammed on eBay buying gift cards. Basically they bought gift cards but when they received the gift cards, the amount was not what was stated on the eBay listing or there amount is $0.

    So has anyone experienced this personally and how did you handle this? Did you file a dispute with eBay or Paypal and were you able to receive a refund? How was the dispute process like?
  2. I have had good luck buying gift cards/merchandise credit on eBay, I always verfiy the amount when the card arrives and try to use them pretty quickly to avoid any issues after the fact with a disappearing balance. So far I have not had a problem...thankfully! If you do happen to recieve one that doesn't have what it should on it I would just file a SNAD claim with eBay, I would think it would be on the seller to prove wether or not the funds were actually on the card prior to sending it out. Hope this helps!
  3. I too have had great success buying gift cards on eBay and tend to use them quickly as well.
  4. I've purchased 2 in the past several months and had no problems at all. I use them quickly just in case though because of all the horror stories I've read.

  5. Definitely file a not as describe claim with ebay or paypal and take it from there. Good luck!
  6. I've sold a few and never had a problem. But I do get worried that someone will use it and then file a claim. So I no longer sell them but instead sell them to merchants that buy em (eg Plastic Jungle). I make more anyways.
  7. Honestly, based on the abundance of information regarding eBay and buyers having the edge, I would assume that it is the seller of gift cards who should be more wary...