Has anyone here been in a reality show?

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  1. I never have - but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has....
  2. I auditioned for America's Next Top Model once. I didn't make the cut... :Push:
  3. I would be scared!! I mean I have a good relationship going and to be honest most of that goes down the drain when you go on a reality show!! They ridicule you and spin you the way they want so even if you act a certain way( kind, honest good hearted, you CAN be spinned to be a lying biatch. I love America next top model and surely reality shows are entertaining and a great success but I don't know if I would want to embarressed on National TV! Its tempting and like everything has perks and downfalls!
  4. no thank God!

    But my cousin Irene was on the Real World when it was in Venice. She was the deputy sherriff that left the show early cause it was too crazy for her.
  5. I completely agree with you Minnie - besides Project Runway...I really can't think of another show that really tries to help someone achieve their dream. I think I am way too self-conscious to be on a show just because of the editing:smile:
  6. OMG irene is your cousin?!!? i loved her. i was so sad when she left! and i can't believe the guy punched her on the way out (although i was 12 when i watched it...and realize now it was probably for effect) :wtf: i wish i could get my curls to look like hers. (i envy strange things. :yes:)

    as for the OT...no. never. and never even had the inkling. but i can six degrees myself to a bunch of reality stars. :smile: a friend grew up in the same NC town as clay aiken. another friend made it to hollywood for american idol, but they told her she was too fat for a white girl to ever make it. i also met a few of the real world seattle people when they took a vacation to my small westcoast town after filming. one of the real world cast mates from a season i didn't watch (austin maybe?) goes to bible college in my town as well. woo. :wlae:

  7. I know that guy that punched her. He was in my brother's fraternity. I think they kicked him out after for giving them a bad reputation.
  8. OMG what a small world! I remember her...she was the level headed one of the bunch :yes:
  9. One of the contestants on the Apprentice (female) bought a house a few doors down from me. That is my closest claim to fame. :yes: Never saw her though..
  10. I remember Irene too!! I thought it was sweet that the blonde country-boy had a crush on her. That was when I used to watch Real World. I can't watch that show anymore. It's too crazy.
  11. are you sure we are talking about the same group? I don't remember her being punched on the way out. She left after one of the cast pulled a blanket off one of the girls and there was a struggle in the hallway. because she is a deputy sherriff, she was torn about getting involved and that was the catalyst that made her decide to leave early. (I think you are thinking about the show where that one girl was leaving in a car and they guy opened her door and hit her?)
  12. ^^ Yeah I believe the slapping episode was from the Seattle group a few years later.
  13. Yep two different irenes.
  14. I have never been in one, but I just saw Nena from America's Next Top Model last week at a Fiesta Supermarket here in Houston. She was with her boyfriend John the one that visited her at the show.
  15. I was one of the final contestants on an episode of the game show Singled Out on MTV with Jenny McCarthy, which was on in 1997? Ah, the crazy college days.....