Has anyone here been a TA?

Has anyone here been a TA at their university? Today I got offered a TA position in my department (I had applied to keep my office position, but they couldn't hire me since I'm graduating in December). I've never been a TA (or even considered it!) so I'm not sure what to expect. He said for this course it would be mostly holding office hours, attending class, and marking exams.

I'm concerned about the workload-does the marking tend to come around the same time that you're working on your own studying/writing papers? And how did you find helping students? I know at my uni anyways, nobody usually shows up for office hours, but I'm not sure what I would do if they did!

Did you enjoy being a TA? Did you feel it was worth your while?


Dec 30, 2007
I was a TA this summer. Our class was large so there were two of us that split the workload. Our professor did not require us to go to the lectures. I had office hours once a week for two hours. Students kind of just stopped in as they needed. I usually had the most students the week of an exam or right before homework was due. I didn't find that it interfered with my schedule at all. There were some weeks when no one came in to office hours, so I just used that time to study.
My responsibilities were pretty limited -- office hours, grading homework, and proctoring exams. The professor graded the exams. And the homework did take time to grade but it wasn't anything too difficult.
I would do it again in a hearbeat.