Has anyone heard of Via Republica bags?

  1. I have finally found a black bag that I really like because it does not look like every other bag out there and I've never heard of this brand. It's made in Italy and I see it on Nordstrom.com but I've never heard of this brand. The brand is Via Republica. I am not a brand snob, so the name is not that important to me if I LOVE the bag, but I was wondering how the quality is from this manufacturer... Has anyone heard of them or had any experience with them? Thanks! :smile: Oh, here's the bag in several colors below:
  2. I actually saw that in Nordstrom recently and really liked it because the styling reminded me of the Muse. I bought (but returned) a brown one. A few thoughts - the outer zipped compartments are impractical - the front zips and one on the side open to very narrow slots suited for maybe just pens. The zippers are on the cheap side too and I worried they wouldn't last. The interior could use more pockets (I think just one inner zip pocket). The top closed oddly - a fold over snap. I liked the looks of the backside of the bag better than the fancier front. The leather seemed lightweight, soft and less rigid than other croc-embossed styles - I couldn't decide whether that made it look more real/lux or more cheap? The handle straps were definitely on the thin side and I worried if they would last. That said, it was a very very pretty bag and if I weren't pinching pennies right now and trying to avoid fashion risks, I would have kept it!
  3. Thanks Blugenie, I think you hit the nail on the head- it's shape does resemble the muse! I like the shape. I also like less rigid leather -In fact prefer softer leather, so this may be perfect for me! As for pockets, point taken, I'll probably not use the pokets on the outside, they must be more decorative than functional. I figure Nordstroms has an amazing return policy- they'll take back anything at any time and if I have trouble with wear or zipper issues, I'll just keep the receipt/tags and return it. Their customer service is impeccable! Thanks for the head's up, I appreciate it!
  4. ^^I'll be curious what you think! If I had kept mine, I would have put pens in the front zip pockets to help it keep its vertical line, otherwise I was planning to 'ignore' the zipper pockets too. You cannot go wrong with Nordstrom customer service so true, no risk there! Gee, I'm almost missing mine seeing it again!:noggin:
  5. Blugenie,
    Sounds like you may have a case of returner's remorse, lol!
    I have been back and forth looking for a nice black bag for work and it was either this Via Republica one, or a Brighton Chrisanne tote: (so plain compared to the via republica)
    Or this other bag I saw on ebay (or something very similar to it.) I just love the look of it! But the via republica one is looking so good to me right now...
  6. Blugenie,
    OK, I have seen the bag, and I soooooooooo wanted to LOVE it after looking for it and wanting it so bad... But the fact is that you were right. It was not all that! It was cute - but looks better in the picture. Quality was so-so. Zippers and pocket in front are not functional at all. The front pocket is too small for a phone (or anything at all), and the zippered pockets on the front and side are too small for anything too. The zippers don't glide well, as you said.
    The bag felt nice to me, not too stiff, but it didn't look like a $500.00 bag. I expected more!

    I ended up buying this Kenneth Cole New York bag (in the large size) instead, but I'm not sure if I love it. It's soft and smushy, but it was $404.00 with tax, and I'm not sure that it looks that expensive... And it's made in China. That ticks me off a bit. For the money, it should be a bit nicer, I think... Will think about it - I may return it later... I now have my heart set on the YSL Muse bag and though this is a third of the price, the Muse may be worth waiting/saving up for! I'll have to see it IRL... The saga continues!

  7. Via Republic is also sold at Bloomingdales and I saw a few in London at Selfridges they are ok, not great but the styles are nice
  8. Aaaw, too bad you didn't like the bag, njbutterfly, but I agree, it wasn't all that... I expected more too and would've probably only dropped $200 max on it. $500 - that's almost halfway to a Muse! (I think the Via Republica bag size was similar to the large Muse / $1195) And if you aren't happy with the Kenneth Cole bag you should return that one too. I agree it's worth saving up for the better bag!!
  9. I have the green one; they call it Teal but I call it pine green and the name of my bag is Pine Squirrel. I have a healthy bag collection and I bought this bag early December and I hardly leave home with out it. It goes with black or brown so I rarely have to change. My other bags feel neglected. I love carlos falchi; I have 5. I also love Donald Pliner and have 2 Louies and a black Balenciaga. I have a smattering of others. How about you? Which Via Republica did you buy?
  10. I have the green one and I love it. The pockets aren't funcional on the outside, but I never used the outside pockets, so it's not an issue for me. It's very roomy and easy to see things inside, no need to dig around in the bag forever. I like the looks and happy with the bag but I also didn't pay the full price, I got it on sale for a little over $200. I def. wouldn't pay $500 for it but that's just me.
  11. I bought this Via Republica at Bloomingdales and I love it. I got it on sale for $235. The leather is very soft and it holds a lot of things. I have used it alot and I find it very functionable. Also the long strap is removable.
  12. Hello I'm new here and I've just purchased this bag from Nordstrom:


    I love the look of this bag with that latch closure on the drawstring that is appearing on many styles now! As much as I love it, I am disappointed that it's quite a lightweight leather bag and the leather feels distressed, not smooth. It makes me think it won't last very long!
    Nevertheless, it's the perfect size for me (not the large luggage size pieces that celebs are hauling) and I'll enjoy it!
  13. I bought the green croc and returned it, it was on sale at Nordies for $200 and change. It was just too big for me and not amazing for the price. It sure looks sharp but it just ends there. The zippers won't open and there is only one pocket.
  14. Via Republicca also supply some shoe stores such as Russell & Bromley in the UK. I've had two of their bags. The leather was lovely and they were reasonably priced (around £200). One was a soft limey green and the other white. I did get colour transfer if I wore anything dark and after a year or so the handle on the green one kept coming undone. The leather stretched so much that the metal fastening kept popping out. Overall, they're good bags for the price but I wouldn't say they are that durable or long lasting.
  15. Yes i have! I purchased one in Hong Kong 2007 and every time i carry my purse, people would ask "where did u get that bag?" "I love it" Then i would have to break their hearts and say Hong Kong! :jammin:

    I was really surprised to see Via Republica purses on sale at Nordstrom! I wasn't sure North America was even aware of it's existence. LOL! Well, it is made in Italy and Europe is the fashion capital of the world! =)

    Enjoy ur Via Republica's as much as i do. :tup: