Has anyone heard of "Vertigo" brand?

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  1. I bought a jacket at Marshalls yesterday, and the tag said Vertigo - Paris. I have never heard of them, but the original tag was for $280.00. I googled it and can only find a similar jacket for sale on eBay. Please let me know if you have heard of this brand and if it is any good! Thanks!
  2. They used to sell Vertigo at Neimans...comparable in price to Theory. I have a suit and shirt that I bought years ago from Neimans.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Yes, Vertigo I think was/is a French brand. I own a couple of really,really old things by them and they are very well made (LOL....since these pieces are over 15 years old and have held up beautifully)
  5. Vertigo was/is very popular in France. The pieces were sexy/stylish. They use a lot of synthetic fabrics which I 'm not crazy about but the fit and style were always perfect. Agreed they are about the level of Theory.