Has anyone heard of this site?

  1. Has anyone ever heard of www.*************.com I overheard a lady at work talking about it.
  2. Sorry I dont know why the link wont show up..Can anyone tell me how to post a link ? I'm obviously not " forum savy" ... sigh...
  3. Maybe your not allowed to post other websites? I dunno. Maybe if you just put the name of it without the www or the .com?
  4. Is it a website that sells coach? If so, then the only authorized online retailers are coach.com and macys.com
  5. I tried typing it without the www.. I did see a few "coach" items, not sure they are real, but this women was just raving about this site she got from People Magazine.


    lets see if it shows up this time. my computer has been acting up lately so that might be contributing to the problem.
  6. HAHAHA.. it's just not mean to be!
  7. HAHAHA.. it's just not meant to be!
  8. Sorry, but we don't promote that site here. That's why it's not coming up.
  9. Well that would explain why!! is there any particular reason why?
  10. Basically, in a nutshell, something happened and the owner was not polite to some pfers while they were on the forum, so we no longer post about that site.
  11. ah got ya! enough said...