Has anyone heard of this bag??

  1. Did Marc Jacobs make a "Murphy" bag, and if so what season was it from?
  2. Oh dear....I'm sorry I think I posted in the wrong spot
  3. ^ Yes, it's from the Spring 2007 line. I believe it was exclusive to Nordstrom.
  4. Thanks :ty:
  5. I can't seem to find a picture of it any where though....
  6. Does anyone know where I can see a picture of this bag??
  7. :rochard:You ROCK thanks a bunch=)
  8. What are your thoughts on the bag? I have one on hold (have not seen it in person),but will tomorrow.
  9. btw, I am from Fort Collins....I miss Colorado:crybaby:
  10. I just posted one to the Deals thread-is it cheaper than the one you have on hold??? Just a thought...
  11. I believe the bag you posted was the Embossed Tote from the same line. ;)
  12. Although this line has always intrigued me I'm not sure if I would purchase one. There are just too many different MJs I'd rather have for the price (if that makes sense). If you love it though that's really all that matters. I hope you'll let us know if you decide to purchase the bag or not.

    I had several friends that went to CSU so I was up there quite often. Too bad you don't still live up there, I'd love to have a shopping buddy!
  13. The Accessories Mgr at my Nordstrom Rack called me about this same bag last week - they had a Black one for $495 (I didn't get it). I think there were three bags from this line & they were all exclusive to Nordstroms - I saw the Black tote, like this one, right before Xmas at the NR:


    I believe that one was $549 -- I was kinda kicking myself for not getting it after I found out how rare they were. It really was a nice looking bag.

    There was also the Alana bag, which I wouldn't mind finding somewhere, but I haven't seen this one IRL yet - I'm pretty sure there's one on eBay right now (I posted it the other day):
  14. I have one of the totes! I can't wait to use it on my vacation this summer PR Baybee!

    The Murphy is pretty. I like it. Melly I understand what you mean about the price. I could have invested in something else probably, but I was intrigued by it and didn't know better. LOL I found earlier posts that the bag had been bought maybe at $299? (just posted above, duh!)* Oh well, I went crazy and paid $345 I think.

    OP I hope you get her. :tup:

    *sorry I am giddy. I am on-call and tired.*