Has anyone heard of this bag?

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  1. I saw this and really liked it! has anyone heard of Caterina? I really like the shape and the color. It's hard to tell though if the quality is good. The color is exactly like what I've been shopping around for. Does anyone have any counter-proposals as for cognac/tan bags in a similar shape?

  2. I dont know anything about that bag, but WOW nice website. Thanks for introducing it :P
  3. I agree! That's a very neat site! I wish it wasn't so late so I could spend more time browsing!

    As far as other recommended bags, what price range are you looking at? The style reminds me of Chloe.
  4. ^ Exactly what I was thinking, Chloe. I really like the bag and the price seems reasonable.
  5. This is a legit site in NYC. I posted about it last week. They have an interesting variety of bags that you don't see everyday. I've past the store when I've been in the city taking my kids to a show so I wasn't able to stop in. Lucky for my husband I guess:smile:
  6. Cute bag. I like their site also. I haven't heard of many of their bags, so I can't comment on quality. I look forward to hearing about the stuff.
  7. Cute bag at a great price! I've purchased Herve Chapelier from Delfino years ago, and didn't have any problems with them.
  8. Cute bag!
  9. Ditto the Chloe, but I have to think about the price point.
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