Has anyone heard of the color "Cafe" for prespring/summer 07?

  1. Just saw this bag online that is listed as the colour "CAFE" for prespring/summer 07 City..
    just wondering whether anyone has ever seen it? heard of it?
    recommend getting it? :shrugs:

    thanks! any comments are welcome:love:
  2. If you do a search for "Cafe" in the Bal subforum you'll find that members here have posted pictures of their cafe bags and there's also some discussion of cafe in the pre-collection of SS07 threads.

    If you post up pics from where you found this Cafe online into 'Authenticate This' - then we can help you take a look to ensure that the one you found online isn't a fake.

    Hope that helps! It seems like those who have got a chance to buy the cafe are really loving it - it's a very deep rich and dark brown.
  3. Yup, here's my Cafe day[​IMG]
  4. Yes, I have a Cafe city. I adore it and using it more than any other bag right now. The color is so deep and rich, with wonderful warm undertones.
  5. The Cafe is really LOVELY! I have it in the Besace Messenger, and get loads of looks from men and women alike when I take it with me to work on the Metro. I'd definitely recommend getting it. hgbags on eBay has one, if I'm not mistaken...
  6. beautiful color
  7. I have it in the Day and love it. It goes with almost everything and it's casual.
  8. i love cafe! but i already have marron.
  9. :yahoo: thank you everyone again! I just want to make sure that such a colour exist before I spend big bucks on it!! let me find the pictures so I can post under the "authenticate bbag" thread :p

    I also love the color cafe :biggrin: I think it can be used all year round..not just in the summer nor the winter:love:
  10. hi citychris! thanks for your response :yes: . I'm currently thinking of getting my very first bbag being the City..and colour..I'm definitely considering Cafe..but just wondering whether the details of the bag can still be shown with its colour being so dark..
    and is the colour really as dark as some people have described it? or can you still see some tint of brown? would it be too dark for the summer?

    many thanks:heart: hope to hear from you about what you have to say and educate me as a newbie :love:
  11. i saw a Cafe Part-Time at BalNY a couple weeks ago, and the leather on it was really gorgeous...I think Cafe has some of the best leather in the current collection!
  12. It is a gorgeous color and it is not too dark for summer - just like black is not too dark. It would look great with white!
  13. How does Cafe differ from Truffe?
  14. The truffle has more green undertones than the Cafe IMO. Not sure if that's the right way to describe it though :shame:

    P/s Z&J, your cafe is sooooo yummy! :love: