has anyone heard of the chanel royal patchwork bag?

  1. has anyone heard of the royal patchwork bag?
    its a limited edition one just out... cant find a picture of it anywhere.. and dont have a chanel store in my city... if you have seen it or know where i can see a picture, please help!
  2. I remember they did one last year from NM that was limited edition. It might be in the reference sub-forum.
  3. Here is the one from last year's NM catalog. Retailed for $2495.

  4. ^ it is on sale right now. my SA at NM told me it is on sale. i'm not sure if they still have it but you could try b/c a tpfer recently got it.
  5. They still have a couple at NM in Tysons. It is kind of un-Chanel looking. I didn't love it, but they had at least two of them yesterday.
  6. If it's the one that's predominantly purple patches, those two bags have been sitting on the shelf (on sale and unwanted) for weeks. I agree. Aside from the chain straps, it looks more like a knockoff of a Coach "patchwork" bag and it doesn't feel like it should have ever cost anywhere close to $2495.

  7. i agree. it does look like a Coach because of the patchwork which eh... I hate Coach :s
  8. Meh.



    I liked the patchwork that they did two (maybe three?) years ago. It was adorable! But I can see someone fabulous just working this bag too. Are you looking for one? If so, good luck!