has anyone heard of sturhling watches?

  1. i'm thinking about getting either this pink one or this one with the heart/rose gold/chocolate motif. even though it doesn't have ANY of the features i originally wanted in a new watch (diamond markers, stainless steel, date window, swiss quartz movement) i love that you can see the skeleton of the watch ticking away....besides, i already have a conservative every day stainless watch.

    it all sounds good (sapphire crystal, swiss mechanical self winding movement, etc.) but i've never heard of this brand before. what do you all think? and which would you get if you were a casual, non-career tracked mid twenties girl? (i'm leaning towards the pink i think.)
  2. I saw one in a store yesterday for the first time. I like the pink! The brand is not regarded well by watch collectors, but women to tend to buy on what looks good to them, so if you like it, get it!
  3. i ordered the pink one. i'm excited. it should be here tomorrow. i figured i have a week or two to return it if i don't like it. :smile: