Has anyone heard of Roxbury Handbags?

  1. Hey gals!

    Have any of you heard of Roxbury Handbags? From what I found out, the brand is from California - so I am wondering if the belles from Cali have heard of them...

    I saw a few nice ones on eBay - unfortunately one of them looks just like the Botkier Bianca (Stanley Drive - linked) and another one looks like the Botkier Bombay Tote without the hardware (Sunset Blvd - Linked)

    Apparently only one seller sells them, also a store with a site called Blush Boutique (linked) sells them too - but their official website is down...

    From the eBay seller he/she claims that up and coming stars wear them (Kristin Cavallari and Maria Menounos) and they are sold in department stores... my question.. are they really that hyped/popular in Cali? Have you seen them in person and how do you like them? How's the quality of the leather, craftsmanship, leather, etc...

    I personally like the La Brea Blvd (linked)- mainly because of the emerald colour... but some hands-on feedback would be nice! Not that I am really thinking of buying right now - as I just got a Gerard Darel - but I was wondering if I should keep this brand on my radar... seems like only eBay and this blush boutique has them so far...

    Thanks gals! :heart:
  2. Yes, Roxbury handbags was established in 2006. I will admit that they are hard to find in stores, but I just bought the Claire in a NYC Soho boutique and I love it. They are awesome bags and very unique. Anyway, the website is Roxburybag.com and you can purchase them online through their site. Great bags, you can't go wrong.
  3. I have a Roxbury I bought off eBay at essentially half the price of their online store and other vendors. You will also find some on Amazon. I wouldn't call them all that sophisticated but mine seems well made.
  4. I had never heard of Roxbury handbags until last Friday. I bought one at TJMaxx. I love it!!
  5. ^pictures please.
  6. i absolutly love roxbury bags.... i own about 6 or 7,,,,,, i get comments on em all the time. the leather smells & feels really good and the colors are amazing. they kinda remind me of my fiore bags.
  7. I saw one that my SO found, it was gold and fully covered in sequens, on clearance because I guess it was last years or last few seasons'. Kind of pricey still and not knowing anything about the name I didn't bother.
  8. here are some of my roxbury bags, got another hobo in red coming, can't wait to see they're new red in washed lambskin,,,, i will take a pic of it too. hopefully i can get this picture attaching thing down phone pics 021.jpg . :woohoo:
  9. Not loving the new collection. They look to shiny to me but if you like them that's great.
  10. Yes i have, i saw one the other week and i live in LA. please share pics if you get it
  11. I bought two of these, the Apla tote in teal and purple... these bags are just gorgeous. Fabulous leather and very well made! The purple is my new favorite (and i Have a ton of bags in the closet) and everywhere I go, women ask me what is that bag....got mine at baghaus.com for $239....now searching for MORE of them! I highly recommend...
  12. I heard that they were related to Tano...is this true?
  13. I went to the Blush Boutique link. I like the Roxbury Accra. Nice big bag that looks very functional. If it is well made the $375 price isnt too bad, especailly if it can be found on Ebay for much less. I will check out thier website and baghaus.com. They look gorgeous from what Ive seen so far. My wife will kill me if I buy her another bag this year...I already spent a fortune!
  14. no- thats not true!

    Roxbury are fun, trendy bags, though. I see them all the time at TJ maxx.
  15. Does anyone have anymore pictures of Roxbury bags? Like how big are they in real life. The site doesn't list anything.