Has anyone heard of or tried Sebastian shoes?

  1. http://www.sebastianmilano.com/

    I've never heard of them before, but there are a bunch at DSW on clearance and they look pretty darn good. Has anyone owned a pair before? What's their story? It's not sold online anywhere, but they're based in Italy.
  2. I have never heard of them....but they are gorgeous!!! Were any of the styles from the site(fall/winter) at DSW?????
  3. Sorry to pop up but what is DSW?? What does it stand for?? :shame:
  4. I don't remember since there were so many styles, but I do remembering thinking they were all HOT. I've gotten too many pairs, so I shouldn't even be looking, but I'll prob go back if they do a additional 50% off clearance which they usually do.

    NO prob crylater- DSW is a huge discount shoe store- I think it stands for Discount Shoe Warehouse and it has a really nice selection from lower end brands up to Coach, Charles David, up to Guiseppe, Marc Jacobs, etc.And they have clearance up to 80% going on now and another 30% that just ended.
  5. I bought a pair recently from Loehmanns and I love them! They were originally $454 but I got them for $85. They have rhinsetones with gold lacing going down the middle, they're sick!!
  6. I bought a pair from DSW last year and they are amazing. I get so many compliments on them. They are black patent leather stilletos with part of the heal in gold. For a high healed shoe, they are extremely comfortable and I highly recommend them.