Has anyone heard of "Office" Brand?

  1. Dear PFers,

    I stumbled across this shoe on eBay today, and fell in :heart: love with it. What's neat- is the brand's name, "Office". Have I been living in a cave? Where can I find out more about this brand? It's hard to google for it, since "office" is such a common word.

    snakeskin flats on ebay

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. wow! thank you.
  3. Kathleen- do you happen to own a pair? My feet always sweat up a storm, so I'm hoping they line their shoes in leather. It's not really stated on the website, and the pictures a little out of focus. So if anyone has a pair, let me know whether you love/hate them! :flowers:
  4. Hi,

    I think Office is under the same company as Top Shop. I believe you can get the label in Top Shop at Picadilly Circus. Their shoes are really cute!! Reasonable prices too :biggrin:
  5. Sorry, mlp I don't own a pair myself so can't advise on the lining...

    They are definately a well known brand, they have their own stores as well as being in Topshop.

    Hopefully, one of the other Brits/ex-pats may be able to help you?

    good luck!!

  6. Office shoes do not have leather lining inside, but they are one of the better UK high street shoe shops. I have lots of office shoes and the quality is very good indeed, and the shoes are completely true to size.
    Happy shopping :smile:
  7. :flowers: thanks for all your suggestions, ladies.
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