Has anyone heard of Joan and David handbags?

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  1. Has anyone heard of Joan and David handbag? I love handbags, but never heard of them. I know they have Circa Joan and David shoes, but never really heard of their handbags. And how much do they go for?
  2. the original Joan and David had fabulous shoes, however they went bankrupt. I still own several pairs from golly 20 years ago, and a couple I still wear.

    Circa Joan and David is the new Joan and David, however, not the same quality.

  3. i have a vintage joan and david belt and it's *very* well made. i've owned circa shoes and found some to be comfortable, others to be a bit stiff. never heard of a joan and david bag.
  4. I agree that the original Joan & David shoes were very nice & great quality - my mom still has nice pumps from years ago. I haven't heard of this new company. It's a little strange that a new company dealing in leather goods has such a similar name to a bankrupt company without having an association :shrugs:
  5. thank you for your replies, I got a pic. of the bag, if this helps. I was wondering how much this would go for. How much would you pay for it? Its mock croc. real leather, feels good and a little on the smaller side.

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  6. Nice looking bag.
  7. Joan and David handbags are look like abro+
  8. i have a beautiful Joan and David handbag that i bought 4 years ago....can never find another one like that....i get complements on it every time i carry it
  9. I have had this Joan and David purse for years. I love the camera bag style and the quality is incredible. IMG_4468.jpg IMG_4467.jpg