Has Anyone Heard of JAS MB handbags

  1. Does anyone know about this brand? Or have one?
    They are at Barneys (co-op)...


  2. I don't have this bag but there have been a few threads about Jas MB on this forum. Grechen of the awesome grechenscloset likes this designer :yes:
  3. Ooooh, they're lovely!

    I was going to get one but it was out of my price range (being in the US, w. shipping, taxes, and exchange rate, etc.)

    They also have a website:

    I'm thinking I might pick one up when I go to London this summer... (maybe...)
  4. OMG there is this BEAUTIFUL blue one at Barneys that I would just kill for. The leather is amazing.
  5. I felt the leather at Barney's - it seems to be a great brand!
  6. i have one, it's definitely great quality and in addition to Barneys i know they sometimes used to be available at yoox.com...
  7. Never heard of it, but it's cute!
  8. I saw this bag at Barney's and really like it. They didn't have any colors I liked or I would have been tempted.
  9. NAP stock them, too. :yes:
  10. Nap?
  11. Chloehandbags is referring to Net-a-porter.

    This is what grechenscloset has to say:


    "If I could, I would collect Jas MB bags - EVERY single one. I always love the styles and colors, and the leather always looks old and worn - which give the bags tons of character."

    I would love to own just ONE Jas MB bag one day! :smile:
  12. yay!!! i love jas mb...i fondle them every time i go to co-op. their price point is great - for the quality of their bags - and i love the practical, classic (with an edge) styling. out of any handbag designer, i would prefer to be stuck with jas mb over any other - if i had to be 'stuck' with just one designer...and that's saying a lot!!!

    more and more online boutiques are picking the line up - lagarconne will be carrying them also...
  13. Jas M B is a label from London. Their stuff is becoming increasingly popular here and is now even stocked at Liberty's.

    The have some interesting designs but the main attraction to me are the vintage-looking leathers.
  14. I have 2 Jas MB. They are great quality and agree with tigger98 about their vintage look. Their large bags might be a bit heavy as they are all leather. The prices are not that expensive compare to other leather bags. I heard that this brand is quite popular in Japan.
  15. I was surfing thru net-a-porter.com and I found these

    JAS MB.jpg JAS MB2.jpg

    I love them, especially the bag with the cracked leather. Surprisingly they're affordable. That's a first for me. Im almost never attracted to anything that I can actually afford.