Has anyone heard of Hype bags?

  1. I just stumbled across Hype handbags. I really like the styles and the prices are amazing. I am wonderinf if they are good quality. Has anyone heard of them or had one? I don't want to buy a cheap purse.:tdown:
  2. I had one a few years ago I got at Marshalls. They are good quality for the price...BTW Bluefly sells some as well!
  3. Hype is definitely not a cheap-quality bag. I almost bought one last year, but the style I fell in love with just wasn't big enough, no matter how hard I tried. I must have walked around the store for 30 minutes, holding it and caressing it. The leather was TDF.
  4. how funny! My co-worker was telling me about them yesterday.. and I'm a girl who thought she knew her bags! I had never heard of Hype before but she said she loved the feel of the leathers, etc, but they were much too expensive for her, haha.
  5. http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/hype-on-bluefly-171451.html?highlight=hype+bags


    There have been a few threads on Hype bags over the past few weeks.I think the general consensus is that their bags are good quality but I have a different opinion.I bought a Hype bag 2 weeks ago from an online retailer and when I received it I was soooo disappointed.Needless to say,I returned it and the only way I will be buying any more Hype bags is if I see them IRL first.I HTH.
  6. I actually just returned one yesterday (to TJ Maxx) because it was too small, but it was soooo soft! Cute bags!
  7. I really love Hype Bags and I find them quite affordable. I have one that I've been using the past two years and the leather is still as nice as the day I got it (I do condition it once in a while) The purse has held up beautifully despite me stuffing the purse. I definetly plan on getting more and I think the quality is good, definetly not a cheap bag.
  8. Cool thanks girls! I was kinda of expecting them to not be that great of quality b/c the prices are so low but I guess not! Now I can't decide what to do!
  9. Wow, I have never heard of them. They look great. The pricing is not bad.

    Do you know if they have any non leather bags, I have a friend that is a vegan and I wanted to get her something other than a fabric bag for her birthday.
  10. They are not expesive at all. The leather is pretty good considering the bags are no more than $200. They have a big variety of them in Tjmaxx and Marshalls!
  11. Jenius, hate to stear you away from Hype, but your vegan friend will absolutely go crackers for one of these bags: http://www.mattandnat.com/ You can find them at a lot of gift-type shops or boutiques. They look like leather - good quality - and the purpose behind them would be right up your friend's alley ...

  12. Thanks for the heads up!! There bags look great. I think I just saw one the other day and the woman who was carrying it was showing it off to my friend.
  13. i just bought hypes brown leconte bag from bluefly and i can't decide to keep it or not. pretty leather, great price but does anyone think it has any style? is it just to zippery? thanks
  14. I have also recently come across Hype bags- many of their styles 'remind' me of other bands like MJ, treesje etc. I've never seen one in real life so I cannot comment on the leather quality. Do they hold up?
  15. Hype has some great bags! Lord and Taylor carries them now too.