Has anyone heard of HMR 70 Plus?

  1. I had a taste of this product at our local Farmer's Market. It was in pudding form and mixed w/pumpkin pie mix. It was good and settled my stomach. I have been having bad stomach aches. Anyway, I set up an appointment w/the nutritionist and she gave me 3 packets of the stuff to try. I liked it and went back and got a box of it. It's for weight loss, but I wanted it to eat because most of the time I don't feel like eating meals because my stomach has been bothering me a lot. I just found out I have a kidney stone and I think that is why my stomach is always upset. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone uses this product and what they thought about it.
  2. When I use to work at a hospital, this product is what we used for our weightloss program. This mix and the meals were popular and many people had success with it.