Has anyone heard of Hermes Belt bag?

  1. I heard from somebody that they saw Hermes "Belt" bag in a Hermes store. I haven't visited the store for a while, and couldn't find it on the company website (which has nothing). Has anyone heard of this bag? Thanks!
  2. It's actually one of the wallets (Dogon, I believe) that comes with a strap that can be slid in behind the wallet.
  3. Thanks very much! Do you know any link or picture? Thanks again!
  4. Dear mistikat, I found the picture - so never mind. You're right it is a wallet. Thank you!
  5. Glad you found it!
  6. There is a bag which came out last year, it's called 'petite ceinture' or something along those lines. It looks similar to the Garden Party. Very pretty.
  7. It's called 'Sac Ceinture' and it's a canvas bag that has got a leather strap around it as way of closing (the leather strap loops through a metal ring).
    Sorry for explaining it so badly.
    I've seen it in black, brown, khaki, and white.
    So far, I've just seen a PM (maybe 30cm) and MM model (approx. 36cm).
    The cost is around 1400 Euros. I'll try to find a pic somewhere.
  8. I saw some at the store, I think they look rather nice. I didn't take a closer look though so I don't know how practical they are.
  9. Found this photo in the 'Hermes Windows around the World' thread.
    The white one seems to be the only with contrasting leather.
    All the black, brown and khaki bags I've seen had leather straps in matching colors.
  10. Cute!! That's the perfect work tote. :smile:
  11. I have seen vintage ones on eBay in the past, but not currently.
  12. I have the medium black canvas with black leather belt with silver ring made J stamped (2006)