Has anyone heard of BRIO ??

  1. Has anyone heard of or had experience with the brand Brio? I had been looking for a fun, upbeat green bag, but I didn't want to pay a lot because I knew that I would not use it frequently. In my search, I came across the Brio Amanda hobo in grass for about $125. The leather is nice and the hardware is decent. It's not the most amazing bag in the world, but it met my "needs."



  2. Well, I guess this is an unknown brand. I've been wearing the bag around the house for a few days, and I think it's a keeper! It slouches nicely, and the leather is nice and soft. It kind of reminds me of the B. Makowsky brand. Here is a modeling pic.

  3. That is cute...and the price was right!
  4. I know this is coming in late, but I was just given a brio bag. The tags say $238!!!! Though, My MIL got it from TJMaxx for less.

    Here's mine (and probably going to eBay. It has two HUGE internal pockets I "could" use for water/snacks, but I prefer them on the outside... could hold diapers and wipes in those big pockets too.

  5. Very pretty. I have never heard of them. The only brio I ever heard of made wooden toy trains. Congrats!
  6. I've never heard of them either. I don't know how it will sell on eBay because they seem WAY low... but it doesn't make sense to keep a bag that I won't use. Of course, MIL NEVER keeps the tags, so it can't be returned. It has the manufacturer tag and the written amount on it from TJMaxx, but it's not their official tag.

    Anyone ever curious how bags that are FINE, and not cheap, are so unknown that you can hardly give them away??? It's disgusting, really... all name recognition even if the quality is the same.
  7. My mom had a Brio when I was a kid....I'm 35, so they've been around for awhile. I remember hers was a khaki green color and it had nice leather for the price.
  8. berryblonde, here's a similar (in british tan) bag that went for $89+ on eBay.
    may I ask how much your MIL paid for it?
    I bought a Brio tote off Amazon and kinda on the fence over whether to keep it or not... I don't have a TJ Maxx nearby and just want to know if they're cheaper there or online! TIA
  9. Oh, that's the exact same style, cool! The tag says $80.
  10. Now, who would have thought, I just posted four bags to ebay and within seconds of posting, I have a bid on the brio... I thought for SURE it would be one of the two cole haans! LOL Shows that I don't know what's what! LOL...
  11. i thought brio was an italian softdrink...
  12. I just found this bag today in a cream color in my Thrift store travels. I love it.:p I looked everywhere on the web for a picture. Should have come here first. How do you like the long strap? BTW, I saw another picture of the Brio Amanda, didn't look like this one...