Has Anyone Heard of Aqua Madonna?

  1. I just bought a bag off of eBay, because I liked how it looked, but I've never heard of this brand, and can't find it anywhere on the internet!! This is a picture of the bag. If anyone's ever heard of Aqua Madonna, I'd sure appreciate any insight! Thanks!!!

  2. i have seen these at tjmaxx and they seem really nice :smile:
  3. I've not heard of this brand but that color is gorgeous! Looks great with the silver HW too.
  4. I have seen them at TJMaxx as well.
  5. Yup I have seen these at TJMaxx and I purchased one long ago there. It's this great black leather bag! One of my favorite brands and I can't seem to find them anywhere besides TJ and eBay. I was searching for the brand and I came across this particular link so i'm searching for answers as well. :sad:HELP!!!
  6. I used to have a white Aqua Madonna bag (from TJ Maxx!), and it was super cute but like all white bags, I eventually destroyed it beyond repair.

    I believe this is one of the Italian brands the TJ Maxx carries -- they have a lot of brands like this, from Europe, that you can't really get anywhere else in the U.S.
  7. Aqua Madonna Designs Inc (Diane Gail Designs)
    1632 S Durango Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90035-3327
    Phone:sad:310) 475-2224 Also Does Business as Diane Gail Designs

    Detailed Aqua Madonna Designs Inc Company Profile

    This company profile is for the private company Aqua Madonna Designs Inc, located in Los Angeles, CA. Diane Gail Designs's line of business is business services.
    Company Profile: Aqua Madonna Designs Inc

    Est. Annual Sales:$68,000
    Est. Employees:1
    Est. Employees at Location:1
    Contact Name:Diane Schwaitzer
    Contact Title:president [​IMG]
  8. I found this cool Agua Della on E-bay



  9. How much did your purse cost? Was it from TJ Maxx. I just bought the same one today for $99.00
  10. I just saw one today at marshalls for $99 and was asking this same question!
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  12. I've heard that it was a finer Italian made bag...but later I heard that it was out of LA ..sorry I guess that answer is really no help . Anyhow I bought the most beautiful hip black Aqua Madonna bag I just debating about what type of spray to use on it to protect it from spills and stains.:smile:
  13. Should f you should spray the calf fur on a Aqua Madonna bag to protect it from spills and stains or is one to assume all Aqua Madonna bags are pretreated with a spray or silcone to protect it. Or do you just the spray the bag if it needs it or not to be on safe side
  14. I've seen a few there, too. I like them.
  15. I recently bought a huge, leather Aqua Madonna travel bag for about $140 at TJMaxx and it's fabulous. The leather is nice and squishy. There's also a big compartment on the bottom for shoes.

    I hadn't heard of the brand until I stumbled across that bag at TJMaxx and I HAD to have it.