Has anyone heard of Abaco Paris Bags?

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  1. I bought a bag not too long ago at a resale store - because it looked amazing!! Very well made, leather, great interior - barely or not at all used. I picked it up for I think 2.00. I didnt even notice the markings on it - but on the side there's an embossed stamped "Abaco Paris" Has anyone heard of this??
  2. Congrats!!
  3. Wow, great score!
  4. OMG...........my mom is going to just flip out! I'm sooooooo excited!! It doesnt really look like any of those...but wow.
  5. I just saw some at Macy's and fell in love. Did a search here and this is the only thread. Alas. Only at Macy's... they seem to be about $800 per bag.
  6. My gosh what a great steal!

    I saw them at Adasa.com - I love them! But they are at least a grand a piece.. I just couldn't set my heart to get any of them for that price!
  7. I saw my first one about a month ago. A coworker got hers in Lebanon. Love-d it. Grandest!
  8. I see one every once in a while at TJMaxx.
  9. I just grabbed one and absolutely love it. Its the dang softest leather - it made my sister ask me to be put in my will for my bags. LOL Mine is the Zoese in Tan (that's what the tag said) - I think I've seen a photo of it on the site in another thread.

  10. The only bag I ever picked up for 2 bucks was a very-inepensive-to-being-with bag that's been drastically marked down several times at Kmart!
  11. I saw a purple Abaco bag posted on here a while ago. I really want it but can't find it anywhere!
  12. wow!! 2$ a bag?! plus, these bags look gorgeous!
  13. and they seem to be such poor quality now compared to what they used to be -- the leather seems very wimpy or something.

    i wonder if they went mass market and sacrificed some of their quality and craftsmanship


    Although the python bag in bloomies was nice