Has anyone heard of a tangerine matinee?

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  1. I just called Bloomingdales and they said they have Matinees is tangerine-has anyone seen one? or own one-if so please post pictures!
  2. HUH? never seen one?
  3. no...maybe they were mixed up?
  4. ^^thats not a tangerine matinee! That is the new hazelnut color that just came out! It is beautiful as well!
  5. I'm a sucker for the new Hazelnut color. I almost want to eat it!
  6. Too bad, the thought of a tangerine matinee really excited me!
  7. I don't know if a tangy matinee would look that good. I wonder what kind of flaps it would have. But honestly I think it would be too big and the orange color would just make it look even more massive and awk.
  8. YES this bag does exist...I saw it today in the Bloomies on Broadway in NYC. CALL THEM if you want it. They also had yellow. I took pics with my cell phone....let me see if I can get them online for everyone!
  9. BTW...pretty sure the flaps are tangerine suede....
  10. Omg Gorgeous