Has anyone heard of a size 229 reissue???

  1. Following from my earlier thread: Hmm is the dark silver 228 reissue a limited edition??

    My friend is now at the Chanel Singapore boutique and called me to tell me that apparently the size she reserved is LARGER than the 228 by about 2 inches. When she asked the SA, she was told that it was a "new" size. And... <Drumroll please> it's retailing for about S$5,600.00 which is roughly almost USD3,700!!! Insane prices I tell you...I am NEVER buying any more Chanel in Singapore.
  2. Yes, I have seen this bag at the HK airport Chanel, at first I thought it was the 228, but the SA said it carries a differnt set of style code, and the bag does look quite long east/west, I think the price is sround HKD 27800... about USD200 less than Singapore... yeap Shiny Hair, the next time you want a chanel, don't get it in Singapore.
  3. Ohhh I see, thanks for the info! I thought it was a new size or something! Trying to get my friend to give me the model/style number so I can see if it really is a reissue...Anyway she isn't buying it cos it's too big.
  4. Wow 229, I'd like to see that IRL.
  5. Wow, that's the first i've heard of it. 228 is huge....229 enormous!!!
  6. I have taken a glance at the style code, it doesn't end with 228 or 229, just a set of alien codes that is totally different from the reissues....but I am pretty sure it's a reissue as it looks exactly like the metallic black..just much bigger than the usual sizes..
  7. Wonder if its this one shown in the pic. WHen I first got my 228 I wished it would have been bigger. It did not look as big as this one...

  8. ^ That looks gorgeous, I want! :nuts:

  9. Thanks for posting this Luccibag! Those are some really nice pics hehe..
  10. wow!229:nuts:,I'd like to meet them! The 228 is around $3195, if the price is higher than this, it must be bigger right? What colors do they have? Thanks!:drool:
  11. i recall when the reissue first came out that there was a briefcase size (the SA didn't give it a number -- just called it the briefcase and warned that it was HUGE) i've never seen one IRL.