Has anyone heard anything about pink cavair?

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  1. I have been looking for hot pink or fuchsia in cavair for a long time? No matter what size it is, except for maxi that is too big for me.
    I like this hot pink cavair from 2005. I am in dilemma:sad:.

  2. That is a really sweet colour. Hope you find one soon!
  3. That is a gorgeous color isn't it. I know Minal has this bag. :graucho:

    Unfortunately, I've heard nothing about any "fun colors" coming out in Caviar for Cruise or S/S at this point.
  4. I have only heard of Nordstroms ordering pink caviar but in maxi size. I don't think NM has their look book yet, so maybe they will order caviar in other sizes;)
  5. ^^^See I don't get that? Why only Maxi. Weird.
  6. Sukiyaki:I have the 05 Bubblegum Pink and the 05 Light Pink Caviar and I believe that the Bubblegum/Fuchsia color is pretty rare. I had never seen that color until I bought my bag The lighter pink from 05 is easier to find (not sure if you like that color). I saw pictures of a bright fuchsia patent flap for this year but no pink caviar yet. I would go for the one you love...the 05 color is HTF but keep checking ebay and reseller sites. Good Luck with your search!
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    You can try resellers. 1 or 2 years ago they had two seperate auctions in the same week (can you believe that!) for a fuchsia caviar flap. They were so gorgeous. One auction closed for a little over $1,500 & the other closed for a little over $1,600. Dirt cheap considering todays prices. I slightly regret not bidding on them now :sad: I thought at the time that I may tire of the pink and I was worried about using it at my age. I'm 35+ :sad: The color was so gorgeous, but I do still wonder if I had bought it, how often I would carry it anyway.
    Here's a picture that I saved from one of the auctions. This flap looks more like a fuchsia color & it had gold hardware. :love: It was so beautiful.
    Hopefully Chanel will come out again with a similar color in a size that you like soon. I'll keep my eyes open.

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  8. the bag loos very nice
  9. Wow super cute!
  10. Thank you for you gals. I have been looking on ebay everyday. I hope I can find her one day. Maybe I need to beg Minal to sell me. :graucho:
  11. I think I saw something similar on ebay (under the reputatble seller list), but a ligther/pale pink cavier.
  12. I've seen the lookbook for Cruise 10/11 and there is no pink caviar. There is patent fuchsia and a peachy looking pink in patent but other than that the caviar's are all darker-- shades of reds, browns and a dark blue. I know that doesn't help much :sad:
  13. I just saw a pink medallion at the Chanel store in Houston (galleria) yesterday....
  14. sukiyaki, I'm no help. But i feel your pain. I'm also on the hunt for a pink caviar flap, but not the same shade as yours, I'm after the lighter baby pink one and it is soooooooooooooo hard to find one.