Has anyone heard about this???

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  1. I really don't know what to say about the actual lawsuit, but did you see the forum responses from the people after that?

    About how awful LV's quality is, vinyl crap.. her daughter's friend GAVE her a LV and a month later the straps were falling apart? And she is bad mouthing LV!!!???:wacko: :wacko: :evil: :wacko:
  2. My girfriend had a LV samur bag (not sure of the spelling) which the leather strap ripped...but for the most part I always thought the quality was good....
  3. Personal opinion here, but the majority of people who post on that board are a bunch of mouth-breathers.
  4. I didn't read the board...just the news..I will tho
  5. obviously she had a fake...
  6. That would be my guess.
  7. I'm thinking it was a fake too. I haven't beat my Louis up or anything but I just don't see them falling apart......Why didn't see take it back to have it replaced. I know it was a gift but she still could have taken/sent it back to an LV boutique and they would have replaced it.
  8. LV= Lousy Vinyl

    My 17 year old daughter was given one by her new friend who just moved here from NYC last year.

    I didn't even bother to question the authenticity after NYC was stated. No "new friend" is going to buy a 17year old a $200+ purse unless they are fully loaded.

    And obviously the mother knows nothing about Louis Vuitton, vinyl... please :weird:
  9. oh yea! and thanks for posting this, I never heard about this lawsuit but I heard about LV suing DB for the IT line.
  10. "obviously she had a fake..."
    That isn't even a question, but is the Mother that dumb, naive?
  11. no one to blame but herself for her ignorance! :suspiciou
  12. people at louis vuitton are going crazy.
  13. i really want to say something back to that stupid person... but i just don't want to sign up
  14. Vaneea,
    I was going to do the same thing! I didn't want to sign up either! Haa Haaa