Has anyone had to send their purse back for repairs?

Rai Rai

Oct 22, 2006
I discovered a tiny rip in my Speedy 25. Of course, I've discontinued using it, but I'm not sure what to do about this?

I've had the purse for about 7 years, and yes, it's still my absolute favorite, however, I would like to get the rip fixed.

Has anyone ever sent their purse back to the store for repairs? If so, could you give me some details on the process and the sort of costs I could be looking at?

Any information would be very appreciated!



Mar 26, 2010
This happened to my coworker ebene speedy 30. She took hers to LV and they told her it could not be repaired and they consider it wear and tear. She just decided to sell on eBay and buy a new one!
Jul 3, 2006
They cannot and will not repair tears or cracks in the actual canvas. Sorry. It's not repairable. May have to get a new one at this point.
Oct 29, 2008
I asked one of my favorite SAs about canvas repair just this past Friday. She said that it could be done depending on the place of the damage and style of the bag. Of course, that being said, it could also be quite costly I was told... My advice is to take it to a boutique and ask them for yourself, as each SA my have a different gut answer. Good luck! (⌒‐⌒)


Sep 27, 2009
LV will not touch a tear in canvas. However, canvas can be repaired with a patch on the inside so long as the tear is very small. In the 80's I had a Gucci canvas bag that was repaired by a guy at a car dealership that fixed vinyl and leather car seats. He put some kind of thin patch on the side of the bag. I don't know what kind of glue he used though. The spot was obviously thicker and a little stiffer, but it wasn't hard.
Sorry, I have NO idea of what the exact materials he used were, but it saved the bag for several more years.