Has anyone had to replace a diamond?

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  1. I recently received a Tiffany etoile band, platinum, and I noticed today that I've already lost a diamond. I'm wondering how friendly Tiffany's is going to be, since it wasn't purchased directly from them. The diamond is really really small so I'm hoping it won't be too expensive.

    Has anyone had this happen to them, and also, does anyone have a guess as to how much it will cost to have Tiff's replace the stone. Should I take it to another jeweler? Yuck, so annoying.:hysteric:

  2. Since it's a Tiffany ring, I would go to your nearest Tiffany's and speak to someone in customer service about replacing that stone. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, I know. I just dread what they'll charge me for that little chip. :crybaby: ugh.
  4. Yes, my mother had this problem with a beautifull ring she'd got from her aunt. There was one tiny diamond missing. We noticed it when we brought it to the jeweler to get another size. We paid 80 euro (~110$ ?) for a new diamond and for the resizing.

    It wasn't tiffany but I hope it helped...
  5. I wouldn't bother mentioning to Tiffany that it wasn't purchased directly from them. Just say offhandedly that it was a gift!

    If I were you, I wouldn't pay too much for it. If Tiffany does attempt to charge you an arm and a leg, take to an independent jeweler. It wouldn't surprise me if Tiffany just replaced the diamond free of cost.
  6. I lost a diamond in mt Tiffany chanel band and had it replaced--my band diamonds aren't huge but, they aren't chips either! It was about $200.00 to get a new one to match the rest--not a bad price. They shipped it to me free of charge. Take it back to T&Co. you want to make sure your diamonds match each other in this setting!
  7. You're right, ATG, that's not a bad price at all. Especially, because the one I lost is one tiny diamond! (In my opinion 1/10 of .25 carat qualifies as diamond dust. :graucho: ) I've already spoken to my usual miracle worker jeweler and he said he could replace it for under $50.00, but I know myself and I will obsess if it isn't a perfect match. Better to pay Tiffany (as long as it's not too much more) and make them match it perfectly. :hysteric:

  8. actually something like that happened to my older sister... i think she lost a diamond in a tiffany ring and went somewhere to replace... when a jeweler friend looked at it later it turned out the replaced diamond was of lesser quality than the rest... good luck and it might be a good idea to ask your usual miracle worker to double check the quality...
  9. yea, I would definantely take it into the store, if you dont have a store near you then perhaps make a call to see if its worth while taking it in??? goodluck.. I actually jsut noticed today that a ruby fell out of my necklace!
  10. One of my diamonds on my Tiffany's Streamerica ring fell off. I freaked out at first (of course), then I called Tiffany's and they gave me an address to where I can ship my ring to be repaired. After I shipped it, they emailed me with an estimate and asked for approval before they would replace the diamond. All in all, it only cost me $67. I was very happy with the service too. Tiffany's do not disappoint their customers.
  11. That's really interesting. So now I'm quite sure the cost will be between 65.00 and $200. for Tiffany's to do the replacing. And they really shouldn't go hog wild on the replacing considering how much they charge for the pieces originally, but that's another rant.

    Cali--How long did it take them to contact you, and after you gave them approval, how long did it take to get your ring back? Just curious.

  12. ^^After I called them, I sent my ring off right away via Fedex. They emailed me within 3 days. After approval I got my ring back within 2 weeks! I was shocked to see that it would only cost me $67. I thought it would cost more. But then the diamond was only 0.05ct (roughly). They also made sure that the other diamonds were okay too, and that they weren't going to fall off anytime soon.

    You shouldn't have a problem if your ring is authentic Tiffanys.

    Here's the link to either email them or call them:
    Tiffany & Co. | E-mail Customer Service | United States

    Good luck! I hope everything works out!
  13. i have a pave wedding and engagement band. over the years i've lost 2 small stones, it never was much to replace the stone. Now i go and have my prongs checked every 6 months. Your supposed to be very careful with pave, and well, i'm not! But i love the look!