Has anyone had this type of period?

  1. Ok... this is kinda of weird. I got my period today, almost 2 weeks early.

    I put a maxi pad on, but no blood... I gush blood ( sorry for the terminology) only when I urinate... its the dark purple blood, looks like a blood clot, like veiny... its strange...
    but still, no blood on the maxi pad, its dry and clean, but everytime I go to the bathroom, its the same thing...... is this normal?

    (Horrible crammping too)

    Please help...
  2. That is strange. I personally have not experienced that but perhaps it is the start of a period? Usually when horrible cramping occurs, it's because the menstrual fluid is too clumpy and is having trouble coming out.

    From reading your description, it sounds as if it's something related to your urethra and not your vag. The best advice is to go get that checked out as soon as possible.
  3. ...are you sure it's a period??? I'd go to the doctor and have it checked out, just in case it's some sort of infection in your bladder or urethra...
  4. Could you have been pregnant withouth your knowing? I have no idea but definitely please go to the doctor.
  5. Doctor. Now.
  6. I would suggest going to the doctor to be sure, but sometimes when I started my period this happened (when I used to wear pads). In about a day or so it was normal.
  7. This has never happened to me, but if it were to happen-I would make an appointment with the doc ASAP! It doesnt sound normal at all. Please keep us updated.
  8. Never happened to me. Definitely see the doctor!!
  9. i would call the doc asap...
  10. Maybe a urinary track (sp?) infection. I got one once and sort of the same thing happened...but you need to get on an antibiotic, if that is what it is.