Has anyone had this Tiffany necklace?

  1. my bro. bought that necklace for his ex. i don't have an pics. but but it is beautiful and very sparkly. i would love to have that necklace!!! it's the perfect necklace for everyday wear.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Just wondering whether the diamond there is too small?

  3. Puppy, it's .08 carats, which is going to be very, very small. The pictures on Tiffany's website are really deceptive - I've been surprised at how small things look at the store after seeing them on the site. The saleswoman told me that she loves to see the looks on people's faces when they come in to see the diamond stud earrings that they've seen on the site at such-and-such price because they are just specks, almost not enough to keep the earring from sliding through the wearer's hole. You said you want something delicate, but you may want to see this in person before purchasing, although they do take returns.
  4. Oh, I was thinking about that 0.14 diamond..
  5. I love the diamonds by the yard collection, very dainty and elegant. I don't have the necklace...yet anyway :sneaky:
    My husband has given me a bracelet and studs from the same collection, so I'm hoping he'll complete the set.

    I agree the diamonds are small, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing if you want a simple delicate piece.
    My studs are 0.16ct and my bracelet has 0.11ct stones, so very small, but they're still lovely pieces.

    I've looked at the necklaces a few times, the 0.14ct you're looking at is a nice necklace, it's small but not super teeny tiny like the 0.8ct. However if you are able to visit Tiffany I'd go look at the 0.19ct version before purchasing, it's a few hundred more but just that little jump in size makes the necklace look much more substantial.
  6. Thanks a lot for the opinion...
  7. You can buy a similar necklace and get a bigger diamond for the same price at a place like Mervis or other diamond retailer. That necklace in particular is really overpriced because its elsa peretti. I am not dissing Tiffany, I have lots of stuff from there - this is info from my sales associate.
  8. I've always wanted the one that has 3 diamonds. Its a beautiful necklace, but I agree with everyone else, go look at it in person because it looks much bigger online.
  9. For the same $$$, you could probably get .5ct from a different store. I love Tiffany too, but don't want to pay all the extra cash when it comes to their diamonds.
  10. I have it in 18k gold...actually I have 2 with different size diamonds and I wear them together, I got one shortened. I also have the diamond stud earrings that match. I love it. It's simple and I always leave it on, even if I'm wearing a different necklace...looks great layered.