Has anyone had this happen to their Elvire?

  1. As most of you already know, I just received my Elvire two days ago from NM in Hawaii. When taking pictures of it I noticed that the leather is peeling on the fringes (more so on the backside than on the front).:cursing: I have attached photos so you will see what I'm talking about. There is no NM where I live & I hate the thought of sending it back (especially if it could happen on another bag too). I figured that I could just glue the leather but does anyone know what kind of glue would work on leather? Any opinions or ideas? Thanks.
    elvire 008.jpg elvire 011.jpg elvire 012.jpg
  2. Actually, I just looked at mine and I do notice the same thing. Not sure if it has always been like that but it lays flat so doesn't bother me. Also was worst on of the ones under the top one and on the back if you know what I mean.

    If it bothers you, definitely return it.
  3. ^^Thanks for looking at yours. I am not going to return it, as it probably does this on all of these bags. It doesn't bother me so much since, like yours, it is mainly on the back of the bag. I did put a small dab of super glue between the two pieces of leather & that helped. Thanks again for looking at yours.
  4. My patent one has the same thing, so i'm guessing its a thing that happens, i'm not too worried.