Has anyone had their WG LOVE redipped? Experiences?

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  1. Has anyone had/needed to have this done? If so, can you share experiences? Tall order, I know, but if anyone has before/after photos, I'd be very appreciative!

    Does Cartier even do this? I am just assuming so since the rhodium eventually wears or am I wrong in my assumption? I am especially interested if you've had your 10 diamond WG done. Thanks so much!!!!:heart:
  2. I have 1 bracelet with no diamonds and 1 with 4 diamonds. The bracelet without diamonds does not come plated so when I stacked it with my 4 diamond bracelet it looked dingy. I sent my bracelet with no diamonds to get plated at it looks just like my 4 diamond bracelet now. The bracelet without diamonds was 2 years old when I sent it.
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  3. Thank you so much for your response! Much appreciated!:heart: