Has anyone had their shoulder strap shortened?

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  1. I've been thinking about possibly having this done on my kelly...I don't find the kelly that comfortable to shop with because I tend to carry a bag on my forearm or elbow crook...and can't do it well with the kelly. Then I saw a gal with a shorter strap and thought VOILA!!! There may lie the solution! I'm short...and don't feel comfortable wearing it across the body as I'm also busty...but having it closer under my arm at times just might work! Anyone know the cost? I was holding it up in front of the mirror and quite honestly I think I could have 8" removed to make it where I would like it - is that weird??:wtf:
  2. Shoes, call Claude. He'll give you an estimate.
  3. i got the strap shortened on my Christine which is quite much work since it is fixed on the side..
    my store sent it to madrid and get done in 1 week,cost:EUR 67.(my SA is a darling)
    my other store want to send it to paris,estimated time:2 months, est. cost:EUR 154!
    Go figure...
  4. You may cringe, but I sometimes knot the top of a shoulder strap. I knot it so that there is a loop sticking straight up at the top. It makes for a casual and different look for the Kelly. You can get any length you want this way. After wearing, I unknot it and smooth it out. No lasting bends to leather.