Has anyone had their mono bucket repaired?

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  1. I got my first LV in 1999 it's a mono petite bucket. I live in Hawaii where it is hot and humid. The interior of the bac and the pochette that came with it is flaking off. I've talked to my SA at the boutique and they've assured me that it could be fixed but I've never asked how much it would cost. Has anyone had the same problem? I am wondering whether I should just "retire" the bag and save the money to get something else or whether I should have it fixed.

  2. It's unfair they are taking money for such repairs, is it? They should be responsible for their inferior quality.
  3. Hmmm... well I believe that it's normal for flaking to occur on Vuittonite lining with use and time...

    As for pricing, I am not sure... I would call LV, but they're not open... :sad: