Has anyone had their LOCK fall off?

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  1. Hello,

    I was recently travelling in Singapore and think my lock fell off in the airport or something.I was shocked..didn't even notice until I landed in Korea.(Singapore airport has carpeted floors).I took it into the YSL shop where I bought it and they told me since it was my fault(I of course,protested)..I had to wait about 3 months and PAY for another lock..About $ 40..I only bought the bag (Large Anthracite)3 months ago!!You would think paying $ 1200 for a bag,they could give me another lock!!Anybody else have this experience?Please share...Thanks!!!
  2. How odd--it's not supposed to open without the key in it, so unless you had the key in it, which seems unlikely, I don't see how it could be your fault.
  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the message!!
    Exactly!!!I never even opened the lock.I told them it must have been a defected lock and am now waiting...I guess we'll see what happens..It just looks kind of funny without a lock on it..as if..there's something missing..It's unbelievable that I have to wait soo long for a new one even if I'm willing to pay for it..
  4. Reviving the thread!
  5. YES--it just happened to me and I am so upset! I never touched the lock with the key, the bag is only a week old. Bought it at Neiman Marcus. Today I n oticed lock is just gone!Will have to contact them to buy replacement lock. I am really upset!!
  6. I haven't had the lock fall off but the large ring on the side of the bag fell off. Luckily I found it and was able to put the pin back in.

    Anyone else ever have one of their rings fall off?
  7. The round ring fell off? Oh my, I never expected that to fall off! Where does the pin go? That's scary if rings, locks and threads fall off...
  8. Funnily enough this happened to me last week after having the bag for a month. I was pretty shocked to be honest, not touched it since i brought it. Took it back to YSL who refuse to accept that it is a fault and will tell you you did not close it properly.

    Anyway they did offer me a free lock and I have been told they will give me another if it happens again, although if it does I will be less than happy!

    Be careful, they charge up to £60 and do not take any responsibility.

    I do love my Muse though....