Has anyone had their acct. restricted for listing BBags?

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  1. I wondered if ebay's recent dread Chanel, LV, Dior, etc. "copyright infringement" -- or whatever they are deeming this boondaggle when they restrict your listings of certain "designer" bags for 30-90 days --has happened to anyone listing their Balenciaga bags? I haven't had a problem, but frankly have been afraid to list more than three? Anyone with Bal bag expriences, please post?? Thanks.:confused1:

  2. i am restricted to relist Bbag right before Christmas and now LV

    fingercross my restriction on Bbags will soon be lifted, i really need $$
  3. Yes, they restricted me back in the summer and I had to wait. I sold one to a lovely TPFer on Bonanzle today though!
  4. Yes I got the restrictions for bbags too! It seems like the restrictions were somewhat more lenient than LVs and Chanels though. I'm guessing my limit per month is: 1 LV, 2 Chanels, 7-8 Bbags. My other account has a limit about 10 bbags per month.
  5. Good on you. I couldn't list (not even a relist!!!!!) my used LV Coin Purse. The last LV i sold on eBay was in Oct ... I am so clueless why they put restriction on me and now worry if i face the same thing if i list Bbag next month (i have 30-day restriction on BBag at the moment) How annoying!

    I just received an email from eBay ... wonder how much positive changes will be up coming though

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  6. yes i have
  7. Yes I had it happen when I listed a Balenciaga bag.....bear in mind that ANY revisions to a current listing will count as a new listing....so if you revise the price, and heaven forbid that you do this twice to one bag listing, it counts as 3 bags and you can use your quota up for the full 30 days.
  8. not yet, but then I don´t sell that many anyway,

  9. Has anyone figured out what the "quota" is?????