Has Anyone Had The V-Laser For Rosacea/Sun Damage?

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  1. This isn't the one for wrinkles--this is the one that targets red for capillary breakage, etc. beneath the skin. I'm wondering if it really is a short healing process (how long) because walking around with a purple face is, well--not something I'd want to do for too long. But I am considering this after too many years in the sun with overly fair skin. Anyone done this?
  2. :biggrin: No but I would like to know about it also. Have to get it done too
  3. I tried it and to be honest, did not notice a lot of improvement. I have rosacea and the only thing that has really helped it improve is plexion cleanser which is RX from the dermatologist.
  4. :smile: Thanks Roo!
  5. I use Metrogel--and would still have to after the laser. Roo--how long ago were you lasered? Did you doctor say anything about trying it again?
  6. Susan,
    Metrogel did NOTHING for me at all! I was lasered about a year and a half ago. Had about four sessions and saw little to no improvement. The trouble spot for me is my chin. I did have laser hair removal done on my arms and the laser tech at that establishment (I had the other laser work done at my derm's office) used a different laser to zap at individual broken capillaries. That actually worked BETTER for me and was much cheaper. I still have redness on my chin but at least the broken veins are gone. I would ask if you can get sample of the plexion. My derm told me it was originally indicated for acne (which I also have issues with) but was found to be therapeutic for rosacea as well. I noticed a difference after using it for about a month and have been using it now for several years.
  7. I've done it and have been very happy with the results. I probably needed to go to four or five sessions for my entire face. We worked on my nose first, then chin, jawline, forehead, and finally cheeks. The nose area was probably the most sensitive, followed by the cheeks.

    What's great is that it's completely an outpatient procedure. I usually tried to schedule my sessions for Fridays, as there would be extra redness for a few days and occasionally puffiness. I haven't had any work done for five years, and I probably only now need to go back and do it again.

    Metrogel never did anything for me, although my mother seems to think it helped her. The funny thing is that now that she's in her 80s, all of her redness has disappeared, even without laser treatments, and her skin color looks like she's back to the peaches & cream complexion of her youth. I guess that's one thing to look forward to!
  8. So, there's only a few days of redness, but it may not work?
  9. There are a few days of redness and perhaps a little swelling, which then dissapates. Within a month, you can be back in sun again, with sunscreen. For the month immediately following treatment, you'll probably be advised to avoid the sun as much as possible.

    I would say that the laser works extremely well, for a significant period of time. However, vessels keep popping up, as you haven't fundamentally changed the process that made your face red to begin with. So you'll probably want to do it again 2-5 years down the road. If you don't get it done, you might just end up looking more and more flushed as time goes on.

    Hope this helps. I'm honestly a fan of the technology and have zero regrets about having it done. Why don't you discuss it with your dermetologist or nurse practioner? They can probably tell you about other patients experiences and show you before and after photos too.
  10. I also did a laser for rosacea and the result was amazing. I did it 5 years ago , maybe 3 sessions. at that time I did a pulse light laser, it leaves dark red spot on the face for about 5 to 6 days. I guess today the lasers are more smart and don't leave too much trace. But then all the redness disapeared.
  11. I wanted to bumb this up again. I asked my doc about going to a dermatologist for my rosacea and he recommended this cream for me and I saw results in two days. It is by rx only and it is Metronidazole cream there is also a gel but he recommended the cream for me 2x a day. It is really working for me. He said it is new on the market
  12. What's the name of the cream again?
  13. Metronidazole is the chemical & generic name, as well as the active ingredient.

    The Brand name is:
    MetroGel® 1%
    MetroGel® 0.75%
    MetroCream® 0.75%
    MetroLotion® 0.75%

    The above are the formulations available by prescription. HTH
  14. What she said! Mine is the Cream at 0.75% Works fab!
  15. The cream doesn't work for spider veins, does it?

    I have some and I've done one laser treatment but I have to go back again for at least 2 more. Its rather pricey.