Has anyone had the stone get loose in their ring?

  1. I've had my solitaire ring for two weeks, and the stone is moving around!!! :wtf:

    It's from a reputable store, Birk's in Canada. I haven't bumped it into anything hard--I've been really careful! It's a platinum four-prong setting. I didn't have a diamond engagement ring, so my husband decided to get me one after four years. I was SO excited, and now I'm really upset!!!

    Has anyone else ever had something like this happen?
  2. Moving as in spinning? Or just giving a bit. Maybe you didn't notice that you did bump it. Really it happens:yes: It may be a defect you just never know. I would take it back and if it really bothers you maybe you should go to a six prong setting.
  3. Moving as in spinning! It shouldn't get that loose just from bumping, should it? If I did bump it, it couldn't have been very hard.

    I was kind of worried about the four-prong setting. I'll have to see what the jeweller says.
  4. Yes, this happened to a couple of my rings after resizing. The goldsmiths sometimes, I can't understand why, forget to check the prongs after they resize rings. You should definitely take it back in (I know, hassle!) and have them fix it right away to avoid losing your stone.
  5. ITA, get it back there tomorrow:yes:
  6. I can see how that could happen after re-sizing. My stone was re-set, though, because my fingers are so small--they couldn't size it down as much as was necessary.

    I'm just SO frustrated, because every step of this purchase took longer than they said it would, and now it has to go back AGAIN! Grrrr...I'm tempted to just return it and go to another jeweller. That might be unreasonable--I'm just really upset right now.
  7. it's not all that unreasonable to be honest.
    They should know how important it is to you and the last thing THEY should've checked was the security of that stone.
    They dropped the ball. . . if I had more than a few problems, I'd probably change.
    Jewelry is far too pricey and meaningful to most of us to have the experieces anything but fab IMO.
  8. Definitely take it back before you lose your stone!!!
  9. Thank you, Swanky!

    I hate returning things, but this was expensive, and you're right--this is a meaningful purchase--they should understand that. I'm afraid that even if they fix it, I'll be afraid to wear it very much in case this happens again. I want to WEAR my ring!!! I'll see what they say, and maybe go looking for a different setting.
  10. my ring got resized and one of the last side stones got loose, costs $15 to repair it. :smile:
  11. When I had my ring sized, the side stones got loose (they're tapered baguettes). I just brought it in and the jeweler fixed the setting and strengthened the prongs, and I haven't had a problem since.

    I'd take it back to them, tell them your concerns, and ask them to either fix the ring to your satisfaction for free or let you return it for a full refund. Sorry you have to deal with this...you should be enjoying your beautiful new ring!
  12. your stone shouldn't be moving. Just bring it back to birks to get it fix. I know they are a very good company. You don't have to worry about bringing it back.
  13. Yes, that happened to mine. I was advised by my jeweler (because of the size of my center stone 3.3) that I should not get a four-prong setting. Well, I ignored the advice and told them I wanted that and have had it loosen once. I took it in immediately and they thickened the prongs. I just prefer the four-prong to showcase the diamond!?!:shrugs: I take my ring in every six-months for tightenings.
  14. Also stop wearing it until you get it fixed. If its loose the diamond could fall out!
  15. Yeah - I haven't worn my engagement ring for hte last couple of months b/c the centre stone is loose right now. Just a little loose, though, not spinning!! It's a problem with four-prong settings, mine is too. It gets loose about once a year. I just go in and have it tightened. Don't wear it until you have it fixed.

    Plus - you're Canadian, I notice, and putting gloves on and off constantly in our frigid winter makes a lot of friction on the setting and it easy for the prongs to move - especially if the setting sits high like mine does. I have taken to not even wearing my engagement ring through the winter b/c it's just a PITA.

    Birks will tighten it no problem. Don't you DARE pay a cent for the fix though!!!