Has anyone had quality concerns with their Grand Shopper?

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  1. I've been contemplating the purchase of a beige Grand Shopper for a long time! With all the posts lately about quality not being up to par, I'm a little worried. Have any of you found quality issues with the Grand Shopper?
  2. Mine is holding up great so far. It's not an everyday bag but I have had no issues when using it. Mine is black caviar leather with silver h/w. The caviar leather is super durable. The tote is awkward sometimes and bumps up against things/people but so far no issues.
  3. i LOVE the gst. i have two, one in black and one in white. i agree w/roey that it's not an everyday bag and it can be awkward, but it's such a great bag.

    I also have a few petite shoppers (one i recently sold on ebay) and what i found is that the leather "handles" of the straps lose their luster (the black one dulls and the white one YELLOWS! ICK! GROSS!) and if handled a lot should be replaced. i assume it's from the oils and heat in your hands that contributes to this.

    i have not used my gst enough for this to happen.
  4. I haven't heard one negative thing in here yet about the quality of the GST, I still NEEED one!
  5. GST is fine.... compared to some other chanels recently..
    actually the timeless classic bags tend to be more standardized.
    go for it!
  6. Were the quality issues about the GST or on here? I just got one in beige and I'm very happy so far, although I haven't had it that long. It can get a bit heavy on the shoulder after a long day of Xmas shopping but other than that, I think anyone who likes chanel should get this versatile tote. Even my laptop fits in it comfortably. I have a large balenciaga clutch that's a perfect fit to provide an extra zipped compartment for essentials since the one it has is a bit thin to put anything of volume in without stretching it out. Also beige is kind of a brown mustard tan, so there's a pretty good chance you won't have another bag of the same color. My mom now wants a petit shopper in black after seeing mine.
  7. For those who don't think it is a good everyday bag, is that just due to the shape/size? I'm planning on using it as an everyday bag... right now, I have what I think is called the petite tote... it's slightly too small and I also felt the Medallian tote was a bit too small. I thought the GST would be the perfect size! I guess it's pretty structured so you can't squish it down as you might with a large hobo or another less structured bag.
  8. When I was in the Boutique the other day, a lady was bringing her GST in for a repair. The chain (or the leather strap) was broken. Has anyone here had problems with the straps on the GST?

    I can't imagine what else on the bag could be a trouble area for the GST.
  9. At the trunk show I met a woman who had been carrying hers {she now has 5} since they were introduced w/ no issues.
    Annie, I think it's a perfect everyday bag if you need a roomy durable tote:yes:
  10. I've been using mine for the last few days and the only annoyance is it slips off my shoulder. If I criss-cross the straps it helps, but eventually they uncross and slip again. Not a huge deal since it is quite comfortable on the forearm, but it's something to consider.

    Also, in regards to breaking straps, some women have a tendency to either overstuff their bags or grab them forcefully by the handles to pick them up, placing strain on the leather and chain. I only carry the essentials and always try to be gentle when picking up my bags.
  11. I have the GST in Brown. I love mine and I also think it is a great everyday bag!
  12. I have the petite shopper in black w/ the gold chains...I've been using it quite a bit w/out problems but I don't carry very much in it and am pretty gentle w/ my bags anyway.
  13. i have the black caviar. i overstuff it, throw it on the floor - carpet, wood or pavement, carry it in the rain, curious cat has played with it. i use it thoroughly and not a scratch. love it!
  14. Thank you for your responses, everyone! And thanks to SwankyMama for patience with my 23487th post about Grand Shoppers! LOL I just need to get one!
  15. Intlset - you totally need to just buy one already! You'll love it!