has anyone had problems with the stellina or campeggio bags???

  1. hey everyone...just wondering if any of you ever came across any problems with the stellina or campeggio style. some people say the straps and metal buckle thing on it sucks, like it doesnt stay adjusted. have any of you came across this? or do you love your stellina and campeggio and never had a problem?
  2. Oo, good question. I'm on the fence about getting a Campeggio.
  3. I have a Spiaggia & Trasporto Stellina. I use my Spiaggia all the time & I've adjusted my strap so that I can wear it across and its never moved
  4. my stellina one wont stay put for the life of me, and neither did the one at the store i tried.
  5. the strap on my campeggio never stays put... very annoying. I've been thinking I might be able to fix it by adding a safety pin there or something... but haven't actually tried it....

    but other than that I love it... it's a great size for a day trip or if you have lots of stuff to carry around for whatever reason! :yes:
  6. I have black OP and famiglia stellina and both are great. I have used the black one since summer '06 and the strap and zipper work great. The famiglia is very new and strap is fine.
    I also have an Adios campeggio and the strap works fine!
  7. wow,I wander how come some straps stay put and some don't. I refuse to pay $190 for a campeggio if the straps won't stay...uuurrrgggg,whaam I gonna do?
  8. I have 3 Campeggios and LOVE them. They are one of my fav styles. I have never had any problems with any of them. But Sometimes my Ciao Ciao strap won't stay put but it doesnt bother me. :nogood:
  9. i don't own a campeggio but i do own an adios star stelling, but never used it. This does, however, happen to me with my INFERNO BAMBINONE. When I try to shorten it, it always ends up get moving back to the longest length. I think partly because i have so much heavy stuff in it...but I stil love it!
  10. I have a campeggio I use as a Diaper bag and so far the strap stays the length I want it at (I've only had it a short while though). I also have a Stellina that I put baby things in and that one always goes to the longest length.
  11. The strap does tend to move around so I adjust my Campeggio often, but it doesn't really bother me.
  12. i have a campeggio which i love. i have never had a problem with the strap.
  13. My AS Stellina and Inferno Campeggio straps BOTH don't stay put... it's quite irritating actually. I thought I was the only one with this problem!
  14. on my inferno campeggio the strap stayed put when I first got it but after A LOT of use, soemtimes when I wear it and shorten the strap, it slowly gets longer again ... lol I don't know why. I attribute it to over-use and maybe carrying around too much heavy stuff.
  15. Yup like djr's bag, my brand-new Inferno Bambinone -which is now probably only a month old- does the same thing with the strap. I thought it's because I loaded it up with stuff, but haven't yet had the chance to lessen the load and see if that helps (probably because I'll never keep it that empty).

    It could be other factors too: the way you wear it, your height, the pulling on the bag, etc.

    I've worn it cross-body and just on shoulder -- doesn't seem to make a difference.

    As far as solutions, I put a bobby pin along the strap just under the buckle and it seemed to help stop sliding. I've heard others fasten a pin there. Not sure if I'm going to experiment with it because I'm afraid it would involve poking a small hole in the strap...too early yet to change my pristine bag even if it was a toki pin. :smile:

    p.s. For more discussion on toki flaws, there's a recent thread: