Has anyone had problems with MyPoupette?

  1. I sent in pictures of my bag and paid their fee nearly three weeks ago and haven't heard back since. I emailed them a week ago asking about it but got no response. I'm honestly quite suprised given Poupette's good reputation :s Has this happened to anyone else or am I an isolated case?
  2. i would just come here to find out if it's authentic :yes: tPFers are really in the know
  3. ^^I know- but it was wrongly pulled from eBay and I need proof of authenticity to re-list it :cursing:
  4. that's annoying good luck
  5. This has happened to a few people before... :sad:
  6. they are really slow. I would go with caroldiva, she always responds within a day.
  7. Yup, I agree. :yes:

    I went to caroldiva and she replied within 24 hours.

    She's is so very helpful and polite. :love:
  8. i email them somtimes too and never a response. that's why i never go to them anymore!!!
  9. I tried them twice for authentication and they take yonks to respond. I've not used them since.
  10. Oh my gosh, same thing happened to me before I found tPF. Sent them $5 through paypal and never heard back from them. I'm sure they make a ton of money that way, since they figure most people won't make a big deal over $5.
  11. I don't think MyPoupette is going to count as proof of authenticity in terms of dealing with eBay. :s

  12. I thought they were :shrugs: At least Paypal accepts them, don't they? :confused1:
  13. I've heard of things like that happening a few times as well.. you should try Caroldiva instead. :yes:
  14. I e-mailed them three times (twice via e-mail and once through their website) 3 days after I didn't hear from them to authenticate my LV papillon. I got refunded and credited for a free authentication, but I don't think they would've done anything about it if I didn't demand my money back. Since then, I only recommend caroldiva or tpf to authenticate. I DON'T like MyPoupette!
  15. before i joined the forum, i used mypoupette a couple of times and they always repsonded within 24 hours - they were great.