Has anyone had plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures done ? ...

  1. I hate the little lines and signs of aging that are now starting to show on my face. I think plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments are wonderful if not done to excess.

    This is what I have had done.

    Botox in eyes and forhead

    Laser treatment to help with collagen turnover , getting rid of acne scars and broken capillaries.

    chemical peels

    I would love to get a nose job since mine is wide and it has been bothering me since I was a kid but scared it may turn out bad.
  2. ^ I'm seriously contemplating botox and restylane for the lovely "11" I have between my eyes..It's really beginning to bug me..I just have to get up the nerve to go, and not really looking forward to banging out hundreds of bucks every few months once I start.....
  3. I've also been comtemplating botox. Theres a spa not far from my home and they do it there. Does that and the restylane go hand and hand?
  4. I am seriously considering botox down the road for the vertical furrow near one of my eyebrows. I dont' want it to get so bad I start looking like I'm angry all the time.
  5. I'm contemplating rhinoplasty, and laser treatment for stretch marks and acne scars.
  6. I had my nose done over ten years ago and it's some of the best money I've ever spent. Just be sure you do your research and get a good doctor.

    I was getting a major "11" between my eyes and then I started wearing my sunglasses every time I drive and that seemed to help because I don't squint as much.

    I'm curious about botox and other injectibles for facial lines. I'm starting to see them around my eyes and my mouth some. They are very small and I'm 34 but I want to fight them early!
  7. After two boys and breastfeeding I had a breast lift and small reduction done...totally cosmetic. I also had lipo done on my sides(part that is under arm but right before waist line). Now my breasts are back to being fab and youthful. I'd do it over and I'd pay for it again and again. I love the results.

    I've never really considered any other surgery. I do have a small pooch from having kids but it's very minor and basically my stomach is flat...so hey--I can live with the minor pooch..lol. I'm grateful that it isn't major.
    I'd never touch my face! I would probably only get lipo and definitely lift my breasts again if they were to fall again (not having more kids and don't have a weight problem so that's not likely any time soon).
  8. You should try out http://www.frownies.com/products/frownies/ for the "11" between the eyes. You put them on overnight and they do work. Plus they are super cheap. Under $10 for a box of 140 pads. It takes about a week to retrain your muscles but they work! I am not big on plastic surgery, maybe because my ex's MIL was the PS queen. To each their own.