Has anyone had "One that got away"

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  1. :sad: Was just wondering if anyone else on here has had a bag that got away. Either by you regretting selling it or by forgetting to bid on eBay or not bidding high enough.
  2. I have, Saich. I let a Fendi Radio slip through my fingers and now I'm obsessed, as you already know. It's very painful!
  3. Me too. I bid on the Metallic Picollo Spy that was on eBay last week and had the winning bid until the last second and lost it.
    I too am now obsessed! :sad:
  4. Obsession is heartbreaking. I know my Petrol Spy is out their somewhere. Hope you get your Radio Bag soon and also Breakfree your Metallic Picollo Spy.
  5. I'm still looking for my bone pleated Spy. Saich, good luck on your Petrol search. If I run across one I will let you know.
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