Has anyone had more than one wedding set?

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  1. Ok...my dh and I have been married 14 years...coming up on 15. I have a very nice wedding set, I like very much, but....

    When we got engaged we did not have a lot of money. DH's mom introduced us, and we both worked for her at the time...as our wedding day approached and I still didn't have an engagement ring it bothered MIL, more than DH and I...so she took DH shopping and basically picked out the set and paid for it.

    Now we are far better off...out of the blue tonight DH said, you know I am getting quite a large bonus this week. I would like to take part of it and buy you a ring set...I wasn't sure what to say...I said, I like my ring, it has seen us through almost 15 years, I don't think I could give it up.

    No, no...mom picked that out, she would be crushed if we traded it...I just mean another one. I have bought you other jewlery, but it's not the same as a ring set. What's wrong with having 2? Wear your older one when we're with mom, or when less flashy is better, but otherwise wear the one I chose now, since I didn't get the chance to chose before?

    What do you think? Is that crazy or sweet?

    Here is a pic of the one I have now:

  2. Oooh I am drooling over the pomme agenda, your beautiful nails AND the ring!

    I would maybe have SO bring this up to his mom and check out what her reaction is.

    She might be thrilled that your hubby wants to upgrade your ring!

    OR you could have the original diamond put into a really beautiful necklace setting?? That way you could still keep such a sentimental piece AND get your new bling!! :smile:
  3. Your agenda and nails match perfectly :heart:
    Your ring is also beautiful ,but if hubby wants to buy you a new set thats great :yahoo:
  4. I have been married 16 years. I got a new ring last year for my 15th anniversary.

    I think it is very sweet he wants to get you a new one.

    Your ring now is pretty.
  5. what a lucky lady. I think that what he wants to do is sweet but if you really don't want a 2nd ring set or if you think that you will not wear it . . .be honest with him. Maybe a very nice eternity band would be a compromise. the cartier love bracelt that screws together has GREAT meaning behind it and you never take it off. My husband gave that to me for our 5th anniversary and he loves it as much as me do to the meaning
  6. Ahhh, I think it's sweet of him to want to get you another ring. =) What about taking out the center stone in the ring you have, making it into a necklace and upgrading your diamond? That way you don't have to worry about upsetting your MIL, and dh gets to personally pick out something for your ring?

    Let us know what you decide to do! =)
  7. Oh yeah, and if I count hard I probably can come up with more than two:p -- Off the top of my top, I have one platinum set with assorted bands, and one yellow gold, with with saphire center stone.
    Which is exactly what I did with my real engagement ring. My dh wanted to give me a bigger stone for out 10th anniversary, I'm always compliant with such suggestions :yahoo: . But, he was clearly more attached to the little guy than I anticipated, so, recently I had it made into a drop (ala Elsa Peretti) necklace which I wear all the time. HE who sometimes must be obeyed seems pleased. :rolleyes:

  8. How about taking the solitare you currently have and making it into a pendant? Then you can wear both diamonds, new and old, at the same time!

    I am on my first set (but only been married less than 3 years). My parents have been married 42 years and my mom is on her 3rd setting (same middle stone, but she has done different settings and added side stones).
  9. Thanks ladies, I appreciate the input. It made me feel alot better, I guess I was just feeling that it would be wasteful...but you all had a lot of good ideas. Thanks, again!
  10. What did you decide about your rings Tink?

    I upgraded mine a few times til DH and I found the perfect cut diamond for our liking and setting (and size...lol). Eventually ended up with eternity bands and a princess center.
    I do LOVE your original set tho. Very pretty!
  11. He is being so sweet! Get another set if you want, there is nothing wrong with that. But I have to say; that is such a beautiful BLING set that I could never think of that as not flash LOL. Most people here don´t wear diamonds that big so that to me is stunning!
  12. You can wear the original one on your right hand. The right hand ring is IN! :yahoo:
  13. I know I'm prob a bit late but I think your original set is beautiful it looks so perfect on your hand.
  14. I'll never give up my current set but I do plan on getting another one. Same as you said, when you're young you don't have as much $$$! I have 2 carats now! But DH agreed that I could get a 4-5 carat for our ten year anniversary! (I hope sooner)! IMHO I say go for it, but KEEP your original!
  15. Keep the center stone from your current set, whatever you decide to do!